How can you make your content more appealing to site visitors and also please the search engines?

This is a hot topic right now. We hear about content marketing, and about sharing your content, etc. But what interest will people have in your content if it’s bad? And, how do you know if it’s good content or bad content?

Read a page of your content or a recent blog post that you wrote and ask yourself this “What value did I provide for the reader?” Is your style of writing to talk about your company and yourself? How many times can you find your company name, or “we” or “I” in that content? Focusing your content on yourself does little more than stroke your own ego. It turns people off, and in our experience seems to impact your rankings negatively.

Content today should provide a really good user experience. Users are typically searching the Internet and reading content to solve a problem. They don’t really care about who you are until they have interest in what you’re saying and what you say better solve their problem…not yours.

Let’s be honest, your problem is probably that you need more sales so you can earn more money to grow your business, provide for your family, retire, or a ton of other things that more money helps. The site visitor’s problem is going to be far removed from you making money. They want to fix a leaking roof, or beat a DUI charge, or find the best romantic getaway they can find at a great price, or find that perfect pair of shoes. You get the picture.

Think about your content written like this:

I’m Bob of Bob’s Roofing. I do the best darn roofing work anywhere. I've been a roofer since I was knee high to a grasshopper cause I helped my daddy work on roofs as a kid. If you want a great roofer, call me.

This is kind of a silly example but there are sites written similar to this. How did that content make you feel? Do you feel like calling Bob, or do you think he’s going to talk your ear off about how wonderful he is? Bob didn’t solve your problem.

Now consider this content:

Rook leaks can cause serious damage when left untreated. If you find yourself facing a water leak call us, we’ll fix it right the first time, guaranteed, with 24 hour service. If you prefer to fix it yourself, go to Home Depot or Lowes and get … Be careful when you get on the roof – it’s always best to strap yourself to a stronghold so you don’t fall. Locate the leak by … When you have located the leak, lift the shingles in the affected area and apply the … Then re-secure the shingles by … If you need assistance, give us a call.

If you had a roof leak, which of these 2 roofers will you likely call?

Most people appreciate the free tips but aren’t getting on the roof to fix leaking shingles. The second piece of content provided a good user experience, some free advice and a feeling that the company knows what they are talking about.

People do business with those they feel are experts in their subjects, but aren’t arrogant about it. Notice that the first piece of content focused on Bob and his ego, whereas the second solved a problem for the site visitor.

Solve problems and check your ego at the door and you will do better converting site visitors to customers and with search engine rankings.