Attorneys know that the legal industry is competitive, and advertising for lawyers has overwhelmed the public. TV ads, billboards, radio, bus ads, and more are seemingly ubiquitous. So why not capitalize on all this noise and turn it into profit for your practice?

You know what happens. People hear all the ads, see the billboards etc., but when they need a lawyer - they go to the internet. They may be looking for that guy with his face plastered on billboards all over town, but if they find your website first and are enticed to select it over the others on page one, you have a good shot of picking up that case.

Whether you practice bankruptcy law, criminal law, business law, it doesn’t matter the discipline; people search online for your services.

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Being an attorney is a highly specialized field with very definite training and education. Creating and optimizing websites for lawyers is also a specialization. Let us apply our specialized training and education to your website to increase your caseload.

Wouldn’t it be nice to help people cut through the clutter of attorneys you compete with and get directly to you?

Let us show you how the websites we’ve created and the SEO we’ve performed for other lawyers has helped them get many more cases.

How Do We Get Attorneys Ranked Well Online?

Lawyer WebsiteA broad range of technical elements affects your site. How well it complies with the huge number of fluid algorithms that Google utilizes to measure your site's value relative to search criteria determines your rankings. We align your site with these requirements.

User experience is very important. If we build your website, we will structure the site for optimum user experience, including ADA compliance.

We will write your content to connect well with the people in your geographic area. People in South Carolina respond to a different content style than do the people of New York City. Properly communicating with the people in your area improves the conversion rate.

How Do We Keep Lawyers Well Ranked?

Break the rules, and you may not rank well in the search results. You may accidentally not comply with an algorithm today that wasn’t an issue yesterday, and now you are out of the rankings. We do things correctly right from the start and stay on top of the changes while constantly working with your website to make it bigger, better, and stronger.

A great website and proper SEO for attorneys requires our teams to engage in high-level strategy and planning for creating and optimizing each page of the site. A well-optimized website will meet the plethora of items that Google requires to get your website ranked and generate traffic from each page of the site.

How would you like to have most, if not all, of the pages in your site found on page one of Google for different search terms relevant to your practice?

Can you see why a great website and SEO for lawyers is essential in today’s world? You have competition, and if you’re like other attorneys, you want your website to rank above your competitors on the search results page. A great website with proper SEO will result in an increase in new clients.

Keeping Compliant With The BAR Association

There are professional requirements for your website. You want content that reflects your sensitivity and your experience and maybe your willingness to go to trial. In addition, you need your website to comply with laws, rules and professional standards governing advertising and online legal content. You want a look and feel that reflects your firm and its values. Our commitment to providing professional websites and SEO for lawyers will accomplish all of that. We will build a proper SEO positioning strategy as part of our process that will produce results.

Since legal firm web design is a specialty, we have the experience to research your state's professional standards and craft sensitive content that matches the tone of your practice.

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