Text and Email Marketing

How can text and email help your business become more profitable? Automated programs deliver text or email to the prospective customer or client at defined intervals. This is highly effective because many people don’t take the action you would like them to take when they click on your ad or visit your website the first time. They need some nurturing and/or education.

Texts have a nearly 100% open rate. Compared with around 22% for email and even fewer people answer phone calls. Wouldn't it be nice to get your marketing message delivered nearly 100% of the time?

There are several ways to implement a program that utilizes text, emails, or both. The first thing that must be accomplished is we MUST have the person agree to share their phone number or email with us.

How can we get people to give us their phone number or email, and how does it create ROI?

Lead Magnet
  • Make them an offer they can’t refuse. This is called a lead magnet. A piece of content that the person is willing to exchange information to acquire. Examples: A Dentist might have a program that would show someone how they would look with a new smile, an Attorney might have a guide “the 5 things you should do if you’ve been in an accident”, a contractor might have a program that would show what someone’s kitchen would look like after a renovation. These are all examples of lead magnets. There are lead magnets for every type of business.
  • The lead magnet is usually delivered by email, and we tell them when they request the content to check their email.
  • Soon after the person receives the content, a text might go to them to see how they felt they looked with a new smile or inquire about how they are feeling after their accident, etc.
  • If they respond to the text, the response would be forwarded to the person you designate so an appointment could be set.
  • If they don’t respond, it’s time for some educational material or perhaps some testimonials from other customers, clients, or patients. This is a highly effective conversion tool.

Text, email, and voice message marketing have a place in many search marketing programs. If you’ve ever felt as if you were not getting your money’s worth from your website or online ads, talk with us about implementing these advanced techniques.