Phone Call Tracking

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know exactly how many phone calls came into your business from your website, ad campaigns, or marketing funnel? Many business owners believe that the team answering the phone asks every caller how they heard about the business. When they can listen to the calls, they often find that this little detail is overlooked.

Phone Call RecordingThe only way to truly know if your website or advertising is really working is to have actual data. How many calls came in, how many converted to leads, and how many became new customers or clients for you. This is very helpful in calculating your return on investment for all of your marketing efforts. If you’ve ever wondered if the money you spend on marketing is worth spending, phone call tracking will help you answer that question.

With phone call tracking, you receive an email after each inbound phone call. The email tells you where the person calling found you. It may say Google Organic if they found your website online. It might say Google PPC if they clicked on one of your ads, etc. Each call is recorded, and you can listen to the calls to see the quality and how your team is handling the calls.

Phone call recording can be an eye-opening experience, and it has helped many business owners make adjustments that have resulted in substantially increased profit.

We include phone call tracking with all of our monthly packages at no additional cost. Call us to learn more!