Data Analysis

Has your digital marketing agency ever showed you through actual data analysis the revenue generated per visitor from your site? How about the earnings per click? Have you ever been told why these metrics can be very important to your company’s growth?

Our team members know how to get you ranked well, bring traffic to your site, convert those visitors to buyers and analyze data so we can fix any issues that arise.

SEO Data Analysis

The Proof of SEO or Online Marketing Success

Analytics and data mastery is an area in which we are well educated and certified. We know how to audit your website to see exactly what’s happening with your site and how to adjust to maximize your ROI.

There is no room for guesswork when it comes to your business' website and the revenue it should be generating for you.

We establish your website's SEO score to ensure it has the right SEO techniques implemented to rank well, and then we look deep into your site and the visitors.

When we talk about data analysis and SEO, we aren’t talking about looking at Google Analytics and saying, "well, the traffic looks good" or "the bounce rate is in an acceptable range". Our SEO services know why these things are occurring and how to build on strengths and how to adjust and fix weaknesses.

What Are The Basics For Real Data Analysis

  • Asking the right questions
  • Knowing where to look for answers
  • Knowing what to look for
  • Knowing how the data applies to the questions

All businesses should be data-driven. That is to say that they should be making informed, educated decisions rather than working off of hunches.

An educated data analyst will:

  • Create scope – this creates context and identifies the application of findings.
  • Pick data sources – these may include your PPC account, Google Analytics, your CRM, your e-commerce platform etc.
  • Compile data – looking at the right data helps, and looking at the wrong data can really hurt your business.
  • Apply the data – turning data into actionable items that drive good decision-making for your business.

Most business owners say that a top priority is growing their business and increasing revenue. There are three ways to grow a business:

  1. Increase new sales
  2. Increase average order value
  3. Increase sales frequency

How Analyzing SEO Data Helps The Growth & Direction Of Your Company

  • Increasing new sales requires building trust with new visitors to your website.
  • Increasing average order value requires things like adding new products or creating bundles.
  • Increasing sales frequency requires getting previous customers to come back to you to buy again.

Data AnalyticsSmart business owners and data analysts work together to create a funnel that moves new potential clients through the customer journey from someone who doesn't know you, to someone aware that you exist, to someone who is evaluating you as the right solution - a buyer.

The marketing funnel is covered more in-depth elsewhere on our site.

Here’s why we suggest that, as part of data analysis and search engine optimization, you use a funnel:

  • Goals differ at different stages of the funnel
  • Prospects location and behavior changes at each level of the funnel
  • You can diagnose your business's health at each level of the funnel – identifying problems and opportunities
  • Proper data analysis gives you valuable insight into each of these areas

Data analysis is a subject that could take volumes to fully explore. We offer the service, we’re educated and certified in the field, and would like to discuss the benefits of data analysis and SEO. If this is of interest to you, call us for a free consultation.