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Discover how forward thinking contractors and marketing executives take advantage of the best SEO strategy to turn their website into a super revenue generator. I know you’ve been trying to do this but it’s about as successful as getting your average teenager to follow directions.

Successful SEO Strategy

If you’re like other contractors, you’ve tried every online marketing idea that was posed to you. SEO, PPC, social media, etc.

Unfortunately none of these things have delivered the results you were sold on and some outright bombed miserably.

It’s not your fault.

Creating the right SEO strategy poses a huge problem for millions of business owners and marketing executives.

If you can relate to this, I have the solution for you.

Here are the 2 keys to building a strong SEO strategy:

  • Know what your problems are
  • And know what you are already doing right

That’s right. You can’t fix a problem that you don’t understand. The problem with the typical SEO strategy is that is relies on a guess.

... either you
... the SEO you hired
... the new marketing intern
... the VP of Marketing
... whoever it is, came up with a great idea and that became your SEO strategy.

What was that great idea based on?

SEO Strategy that worksMore often than not, it’s based on someone’s gut feeling or a “hunch.” Or worse yet, what a salesperson told you in order to get you to hire their SEO company.

This is not the way to determine the right SEO strategy for any well run contracting business. Not if you want to succeed online and generate a ton of leads anyway.

So what is the correct way to formulate the right SEO strategy for your business?

First, develop a marketing funnel that addresses the customer journey on your site. This is typically a 3 part funnel.

  1. Top of funnel – this is where you drive cold traffic to your site. These are people that don’t know about you and your brand yet. Typically organic rankings, social media and paid ads are the channels used.
  2. Middle of funnel – this is where you help these cold visitors evaluate you as the solution to the problem they are trying to solve. Retargeting, and email marketing are very helpful here.
  3. Bottom of funnel – this is where you convert those visitors to clients.

Without a marketing funnel there is no clear cut SEO strategy. The search engine optimization performed on your site must align with the intention of your funnel.

If there is no defined strategy as to how to handle cold traffic and move them through your funnel, there is nothing to optimize and whatever money you spent was wasted.

Planning for SEO on your websiteCold traffic doesn’t simply reach your site and convert without you causatively making that happen.

This is why SEO Strategy is not a one size fits all proposition

Your business and your idea of a conversion is likely very different than another firm’s.

No company worth his or her salt is going to perform SEO services without first looking at, or helping build, your funnel. This is stage one of building your strategy.

Once you funnel is agreed upon, start with digging into every aspect of your site. Know things like:

  1. What path do visitors typically take through your site
  2. Where do they interact well with your site and brand
  3. Where do the disconnects happen – where do they leave when you don’t want them to leave
  4. Are the visitors leaving on good pages, like your contact page, or free quote, consultation or thank you page
  5. Are the visitors leaving when they view your offer without converting
  6. Are there particular pages with a high bounce rate
  7. Are there pages with a high exit rate that shouldn’t be exit pages
  8. Are your pages indexed correctly by Google
  9. Does the number of pages in the index match your site map
  10. Are there pages on your site that are actually hurting your rankings or conversions

There are many more areas of your site to dig into but I think you likely get the idea. We audit your site at a deep level to know what is right and what is wrong with your site before you try fixing anything.

Planning for SEO on your website

No decent SEO company ignores factual data about your current situation and no legitimate SEO strategy can be developed without an audit.

Depending on the size of your site, an in-depth audit, and I wouldn’t recommend any other type, runs from about $1,599 to $30,000 or so.

Local companies with smaller sites would be on the lower end of the scale and national companies are typically the ones that invest $30,000 or more.

Some business owners or marketing executives are probably thinking at this point, I would never pay that for an audit. This is very short sighted. Think of the money you will lose if your site isn’t found well online, generating significant traffic and converting that traffic to new business and revenue.

The free audits you see offered online are cursory, quick looks, which are usually performed by salespeople not SEO’s and are really just lead generators for SEO companies.

Once you understand your current situation and have your funnel in place you can build your SEO strategy.

Here’s a fact that some people have a hard time understanding:

No matter how attractive your site is, if it isn’t ranking well online something is wrong. Either the code, linking etc. is incorrect or the content is not quite right.

If the traffic to your site is good but they aren’t converting the way you would like, something different may be wrong.

How to do proper SEOA good SEO strategy addresses more than getting you found and generating traffic. That’s why we are now also well trained and certified in digital marketing.

Building marketing funnels and performing conversion rate optimization should be part of your SEO strategy and if the SEO that you’re interviewing can’t tell you exactly how this is done... run away. There are far too many SEO’s that are strictly looking to collect a fee and not concerned enough with converting traffic to revenue for their clients.

Call us to talk about your marketing funnel and SEO strategy. We build both for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small local, national, or regional company we have the experience and education to help you succeed online.

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Let us know who you are and what your business needs. And we'll show you how we can help.

We hate SPAM and will never sell your information.