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Search Engine Marketing for Contractors

Responsible search engine marketing gives you as a contractor a direct link to your customer base. SEM dramatically improves visibility for contractors with a new organic web presence. Partner with our experienced SEO company for fast, measurable results. We guarantee page 1 rankings!

search engine marketing for contractors

How Many Leads Can Search Engine Marketing Bring A Contractor?

Your number depends on many factors like your particular business, how much competition you have and the economy. When we work with you, you can feel secure in knowing you are important and unique to us. We customize a total SEO and search marketing strategy just for you. There is no magic to it; we roll up our sleeves and do the hard research. We evaluate the market you want to saturate, see what your competitors are doing that works (or doesn’t) and what voids you can fill.

When prospects click on your landing page, we offer them compelling text, simple navigation and clear use of graphics. Pages link to one another in skillful but natural way. We communicate with you regularly to track your progress, and keep up with the inevitable changes search engines make.

24/7 Search Engine Advertising

Most likely you are out there actively promoting your business in any way possible. You might have newspaper ads or a billboard or you might be sponsoring a kids’ soccer team and attending local business networking events. Even handing out business cards counts. But who can be everywhere at once? With a seasoned search engine marketing company like My SEO Guys, you can be.

Not Just Buying Ads
Proper search engine marketing takes advantage of paid sponsorships and ads on search engines, business directories, social networks and relevant authoritative websites. By doing this you boost your company’s visibility in all your targeted communities. Because so much shopping starts online, it makes sense to get the top spot in as many search results as possible.

A Trusted Partner
Our team has over 20 years of combined experience – a long time in a young industry. Our success is the result of hard work and good people: knowledgeable marketing specialists, responsive customer service, and talented US-based designers and copywriters. Our scope and fees are transparent and simple.

Paid advertising through reputable vehicles creates quality links back directly to your optimized landing pages. In essence the process goes like this: People see, they like, they click, they call. Search engine marketing is a part of our SEO services that will improve your visibility in your area.

Quality Link Building
Our links only come from highly authoritative websites that are relevant to your business. We do not buy links from backlink networks or link farms. We also don’t comment spam on blogs and forums to acquire links. These types of practices are against the quality guidelines of Google and all of the other major search engines.

Page One Search Engine Guarantee

Our search engine optimization strategy will put you on page one of search results for 20 relevant search terms within 90 days, or you walk away with half your money back and the website. It’s that easy.

Statistically 94% of the population visits sites from the organic rankings. Being found organically helps grow your business. Call us to make your Internet marketing efforts substantially more profitable.
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While a newly optimized website can take a few weeks to hit its stride, search engine marketing gives you immediate exposure in many trusted places. If you have a brand new site or business, this means people will see your name right away. If you have been around a while and your current ad campaign needs a kick, PPC marketing can do the job.

Find people who want what you are selling with our search engine marketing services and get ready for your phone to ring.

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