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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design has to be built into your site because more people are searching on the go. They are using smart phones and tablets more than PCs. Help them find and see you better. Our SEO company incorporates mobile design and marketing into your local business website when you choose us for your SEO service.

Did you know that Google penalizes sites that are not responsive? Contact us today to reach the audience you want to attract - no matter what device they're using.

Responsive Web Design

People Shop from Anywhere
When your site has a responsive web design, it's possible for people to see your site and do business with you whether they are on the couch or on the road. Savvy consumers use their mobile devices for just about everything, including shopping. They can compare services, goods and prices from the palm of their hand.

What you want them to do is call or click, then follow through - ask questions and place orders. We can help you turn queries into new business with proper responsive mobile design and marketing.

But They Buy Locally
Through a wealth of research, years of experience, and following trends, we know that most people want to work with local companies. Even if they surf the Web from a holiday in Bora Bora, they are still thinking about back-to-school doctor visits, that leaky roof, or a good new place to eat when they get back home.

Do you want them to find you before they find your competitor? That’s why you need a local SEO company that can build responsive web design into your site.

Our Responsive Web Design is Highly Search Engine Optimized

They have less front-end HTML and CSS code and more content that the search engines want to see. Clean, optimized code is something that all search engines take into account when ranking sites in their results.

Our search engine optimization services get you well ranked and keep you on the first page of search results no matter which device is being used.

Our responsive web design maintains all of the optimization features that the major search engines like to see. This makes it easy for people to find you and do business with you an any device.

We know that people can shop wherever they are, and we have responded to these recent trends:

More than half of all Americans will be using smart devices by next year. About 60 percent of smart device owners use the mobile web to do searches, according to one national study.

Responsive Web DesignFrom the Big Screen to the Small Screen
To be successful and get Internet business 24/7, your website design and content have to reformat automatically for hundreds of screen sizes. You don't need an IT degree to know how it all works. If the site you are on (like this one) uses responsive web design, it automatically re sizes to any screen size.

On smart devices, the layout and navigation need to change, too. Tabs that display on the sides or top of a 23-inch monitor need to shift to a main menu button a smart phone screen. Otherwise, it's just too much hassle for the end user - your potential customer.

Responsive sites get more visitors from phones and tablets. Are you missing that 40 to 60% of the market currently?
Stop leaving money on the table.
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Responsive web design is not the future; it's now. Stay ahead of the game and ahead of your competitors. Be found by the audience you want to reach wherever they are, generate a wealth of new leads, and watch your inbox fill up.

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