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Mobile Design and Marketing

Mobile design and marketing is "anywhere" browsing, and make no mistake, it is the "now" of advertising. About 60 percent of all people search the web through their phones and smart devices. They don't want to wait - and neither should you. As part of our SEO services we build sites that are responsive so that they are perfect for mobile devices. It's important to grab this valuable share of the market. It's also a Google penalty if your site is not mobile ready.

The Missing Link - Found
Mobile design and marketing should be an essential part of your outreach. It's not enough to have a website, a social media marketing presence and an email marketing campaign anymore. You need to be out there, where people are: standing in line, sitting on the couch, stuck at a red light or on vacation.

Mobile Design

If you are not findable on every type of device, you are MIA. Not sure how to accomplish this? No problem. You are running and growing your business in other important ways. Put it in the hands of the experts at My SEO Guys.

Our experienced team has what it takes to make you stand out from the crowd across platforms. We are forward thinkers:

  • At the leading edge of SEO development
  • A leader in cross-channel marketing
  • Always aware that nothing beats a great user experience

All of these elements are very important as you establish a multi-pronged online presence. We can create a website that is fully interactive, mobile-friendly and optimized correctly.

Our responsive web design and marketing company can show you how to draw many new leads by adapting to the mobile realm. Your reach can be highly targeted by location and user history. You will save time for people who don’t have much of it and who are on the move - people who want your services. They will appreciate it.

Just how effective is it? Some studies show the click-through rate on mobile devices is nearly 5 percent higher than it is on a PC or laptop.

Expert Mobile Design and Marketing

At the heart of this new technology is a good, optimized site. When we create a local business SEO website for you, we cover all of the bases. We think about how people will find you – and from where. That is why we thoughtfully design your site for large and small screens. Nothing will get lost in translation. New business is literally in the palm of the hand.

User friendly - It's important to create functionality that can be knocked down to a phone or tablet screen. If people can't use it easily in this format, they are less likely to contact you. So we are always finding a better way to translate big ideas into small-format devices: easier scrolling features, ergonomic swipe and tap capabilities, and even meaningful use of video.

Responsive web design - What works well on a 23-inch computer monitor can just plain be hard to see on most phones. We can adjust the visual elements to appear uncluttered on the small screen, use easier-to-read font size, distill headlines, and create a simpler interplay between graphics and text.

The right format - When it comes to mobile design and marketing, it's best to keep it simple because people are on the move.

Savvy Businesses Change with the Times
Right now, a large number of businesses are taking advantage of mobile design and marketing. We can’t give you a figure because it's changing every minute. We can tell you mobile device purchases have grown by more than 20 percent every quarter.

Mobile devices and tablets are generating as much as 60% of the traffic to some sites. How does your site look on those devices. If it doesn’t look good, people leave – Don’t risk it
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Don't miss out on this business.
Too many business owners convince themselves they can do without a mobile design and marketing service simply because they don't understand it; if you're among them, please know that you don't have to. Like you, we are a specialist in our field. Let us handle your smart phone outreach strategy and don't get left behind.

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