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SEO Services

SEO services for local contractors have to include technical SEO, content development, website design, and link building. to get a local contractor good search engine placement. It's important to achieve a high SEO score and without having all of your optimization, both on-page and off-page, done correctly its not likely to happen. A high score increases your chances of ranking well and getting substantial traffic.

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SEO Services

What Our Local SEO Services Can Do To Help Contractors Increase Profit

  • Help you reach more consumers online
  • Generate more leads
  • Improve your search engine placement
  • Help increase the conversion rate of site visitors to new clients
  • Bring people that have visited your site back to you with Internet marketing
  • Increase the trust factor
  • Help you increase your profit

Contractor SEO Service That Gets Results

Although our search engine optimization strategy includes getting you found online for relevant keywords and phrases for the services you offer, we know that the real measure of our success is your increased profit.

We know that any really good SEO service understands that marketing is a huge part of online success. We stay current with SEO changes and with marketing trends. Our team receives continuing education to stay current. Two of our team members have become certified digital marketing professionals. The CDMP certification tells our clients that we are well-educated and very capable:

  • Online Marketers
  • SEO specialists
  • Data analysts
  • Conversion rate optimization specialists
  • Content marketers
  • Social media specialists
  • Customer value optimization specialists
  • Customer acquisition specialists
  • Email marketing specialists

Each of these areas of expertise are fully utilized as part of our SEO strategy to make you, our client, more successful and profitable.

Not Sure Who To Hire For Your New SEO Service?

  • Talk with a few of our clients and ask them how they feel about us.
  • Ask them if they had ever used other professional SEO services in the past and what the differences are.
  • Ask them if they have seen increased profits while using our services.

SEO strategy is a process. Yes, we do get rather quick results for our typical client. It’s not unusual to see as many as 100 relevant rankings in the first 90 days of our engagement as well as an immediate increase in business for our clients that own local contracting businesses. But the biggest growth comes over time. Contractors that have been with us more than 4 years often see as much as 400% growth in their business during that time period.

Professional Content Impacts SEO

How Professionally Written SEO Content Impacts Your Success

The content for our clients’ sites is structured with the proper marketing messages and calls to action that encourage visitors to become leads and buyers. We help structure offers that engage the site visitor and help build the trust factor. Trust is very important in the success of your website’s ability to generate new leads and new sales for you.

We position you as a subject matter expert. The content on your site will prove to your site visitors that you are very knowledgeable and the right contractor for them to do business with.

We aren’t the largest SEO service in the country. We have about a dozen dedicated SEO specialists, marketing and technical professionals that help our clients reach more consumers, generate more business and ultimately increase their profits.

Because we are a mid-sized SEO service, we cannot take on every contractor that reaches out to us for help. We typically work with contractors that we can build a relationship with and help for years to come.

Our renewal rate year over year is very high and this benefits our client perhaps even more than it benefits us. Working together year after year enables us to get many of our clients better search engine placement and more new business than they could’ve previously imagined.

Video SEO Services

Do you have videos that you would like to have found online? We can optimize your videos and get them found in the search results as well as on YouTube. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine and it can drive traffic to your site?

Many of our clients have videos of their work but didn’t know that they could use them to generate more traffic to their site. These videos should be used to increase traffic and keep people on your site longer. Ask us how to cash in on your videos and get new business through youtube optimization.

Social Media Can Help Local Contractors Get Business
Did you know that social media can actually generate traffic? We have clients that are contractors using social media to bring new business through the door. Facebook in particular gives us the ability to target people that have searched for services like yours and put you in front of them. How nice would it be to reach people that haven’t found you online yet and entice them to come to your site?

Bring Those Visitors Back
Did you realize that in addition to getting you found online we can help you target people that visited your site without converting, and bring them back so that you get multiple chances to do business with them? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put a very compelling piece of content in front of people that have already been shopping for your service and drive them back to your website with it? This is something that a good team, like us, will help you with. Many contractors aren't using this technique effectively. Are you retargeting potential customers?

Remarketing Strategy for ContractorsAn example of how this might work for a contractor:
A person visits your website and spends some time on your kitchen remodeling page but she doesn’t give you a call or leave any contact info. As she uses Facebook, an offer to see exactly how her newly remodeled kitchen would look shows up in her news feed.

We know she’s thinking of a kitchen remodel and that software that you use to show how her new kitchen would look is too much for her to pass up.

So she clicks through to your site and loads a picture of her kitchen onto your site to get a look at the possibilities for her new kitchen. (Of course she had to give you her email to get access.) We now have her back on your site and have her email so we can politely reach out to her. A lead is born!

This is just one example of how professional SEO services, like ours, can do more to help you generate new business.

Pinterest SEO Services
Did you know that Pinterest can generate traffic for most businesses? Yes...even contractors are using it to generate more traffic to their sites. Did you ever think that Pinterest would play a part in your SEO efforts? A little effort applied to your Pinterest account can help get you found better than your competitors.

In conclusion, no matter your industry, our team can help drive more customers to your site, and help you get more business. If your goal is to expand your company and reach the next level of success, our SEO services can help you get there. Call us today!

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