SEO Positioning – How to Get Organic Positioning in the Search Results

Really good SEO positioning for contractors results from getting your website found in the organic rankings on the major search engines and implementing the proper marketing to get you leads, jobs and profit. Getting a good position on Google is only part of the game, a good SEO and online marketing agency will help you get exactly what you want from the new traffic.

What Do You Want Good SEO Positioning To Do For Your Contracting Business?

  • Create search engine rankings on page one of Google so that you reach more consumers
  • Bring in more Internet traffic and convert those visitors to new leads, and jobs
  • Increase profits
  • Work together with search engine marketing to help grow your business

Proper SEO positioning can assist you in reaching any of these goals and many more. It will also address and improve upon any challenges you may be experiencing. What needs do you have that can be met with increased cash flow from an increase in traffic to your website?

SEO Positioning is About Having Goals and Meeting Them

When you consider hiring a local SEO for your contracting business, first ask yourself what your goals are for your business. Then ask the search engine marketing company how they will assist you in reaching your goals. The answer will tell you if they really care about your success or if they just want to make a buck.

If you hire us as your SEO positioning company, we will have our digital marketing team discuss your business with you at length, so that we can understand where you want us to help you go. We don't simply perform search engine optimization without regard to how it should complement the entire marketing plan of your business. (If you don't have a structured internet marketing plan, we can help with that as part of our service.) We also consider what's already working well with your site and what needs improvement before jumping into doing your SEO. Performing an in-depth analysis of your site keeps us all informed as to how to best optimize your site to achieve the best results.

The Basic Components of a Good Internet Marketing Program

  • SEO is the core of a good internet marketing plan
  • Online advertising has its place - 6% of the public does utilize the paid ads - it's also a good way to test new keywords or phrases
  • Social media and blogs are more important than ever in search engine marketing
  • Content marketing can be a great asset
  • A good online marketing program should include a re targeting plan to bring people back to your site after they leave
  • Converting site visitors to clients also depends on communicating your unique message effectively and consistently throughout the entire site

The reason that solid search engine optimization is the core of the program is that it is the most cost effective way to generate significant traffic and leads and it also lends huge credibility to your company. Think about your own searches on the Internet – do you feel that the companies in the search engine rankings are more credible? We've done an informal survey and the results suggest this. More than 91% of all those surveyed felt that the companies found in the organic listings seem more legit and they were more likely to click on those sites. Numerous studies, that are easy to find on the Internet, show that more than 94% of the public selects sites from the organic section over the paid advertising.

Ask Yourself These Questions About the Internet Marketing Strategy for Your Contracting Business

  • Is your Internet lead generation program effective or ineffective?
  • What do you do to increase visitors to your site - How many visitors do you get to your site monthly?
  • Does pay per click advertising work - How many new clients do you get from the paid advertising that you do - are they really cost effective?
  • What's your actual cost per job that you acquire with Internet advertising?
  • How many visitors come to your site as a result of social media - are you even using social media?
  • Do you do any content marketing, and what does it do for you?
  • Are you doing better this year than last?
  • What would it mean to your bottom line if you could increase the visitors to your site, lower your cost per lead, and significantly increase the new jobs you get monthly?

Having your site found in the organic section of the major search engines by having good positioning, especially on Google will bring you significant traffic. If your site is created with the expertise of Internet marketing professionals, those visitors will convert to leads for you at a high rate. If you have many more leads what will happen to your income?

So if we ask you the question, "How important is SEO positioning?" what will you answer?

Hire us, one of the leading SEO companies that provide SEO services and watch your bottom line improve greatly!