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SEO for Roofing Contractors

SEO for roofing contractors grows your business and increases your profits. Roofing is a perfect example of a highly local business, and our SEO for contractors is what you need to reach people who are searching for your service. Get your name out there ahead of your competition with our proven SEO service. Free Quote!

We can give you the visibility you need to turn traffic into leads and leads into conversions.

Many people call you when they have a roof leak or hail damage after a big storm. Those emergencies put your business to the test and make or break you. So how will these people find you? Today, it's through internet searches on a PC, TV or mobile device. We can give you the visibility you need to turn traffic into leads and leads into conversions.

SEO for roofing contractors

Our Guarantee
We are so sure you will see more quality leads, and bring in more and better prospects, that we make you this guarantee:

You will be found on page one of search engine results for at least 20 relevant keywords within 90 days of your site going live. If we don't deliver, you are free to cancel your agreement and get half your money back and keep the website. It's that simple.

Customized Just for You
If you do both residential and commercial roofing, but your site is more heavily weighted for commercial, you will not be ranked highly by search engines. It will take digging through pages of search results to find you, and no one - especially someone facing a roof emergency - has that kind of patience. It is vital to get found on page one of the major search engines. With proper SEO for roofing contractors, you will be found for all the services you do: commercial, residential, coatings, shingle, metal, flat or rubber roofing - whatever distinguishes you from your competition.

Why Roofing Contractors Need SEO

We are specialists in developing the keyword phrases local people use to find businesses quickly. We do this by research: understanding your company, your market, your industry, as well as the most current Google weighting system.

Just as a good roof has many parts to it, so does a good company that performs SEO for roofing contractors. My SEO Guys has assembled the best marketers, researchers, designers and copywriters in the industry. We work together to create a site that is irresistible to the two audiences you must reach to be highly visible:

People - those who are looking for your services right now. Good content, design and effective SEO for contractors compel them to keep reading. It turns traffic into sales much more affordably and effectively than paid lead services.

Search engines - Yes, this is an audience, too. As a local search engine optimization company, we create copy and built in "hidden" information that appeals to Google robots. Also known as spiders, this software scans the Internet constantly for relevant keywords and keyphrases. The better this is done, the more trust and value is assigned to your website, and the higher it will be ranked.

SEO for roofing contractors

We Know SEO for Roofers

Over the years, SEO for roofing contractors has become a specialty. We understand the business, the terminology, and the things you need to stand out in organic searches. That means your website will rise to the top of search results without relying on paid ads. Studies show 9 out of 10 people prefer finding local services this way.

So Do I Need Paid Ads If I Do SEO?

In many cases, yes. If you picture the fable of the tortoise and the hare, you can think of SEO as the steadfast tortoise and search engine marketing (SEM) as the hare; but instead of competing, they work together:

SEM gets your name out there quickly and prominently but at a cost.

SEO gets and keeps it in a top spot over the long term.

My SEO Guys only uses white hat, or Google-approved, linking techniques.

We may recommend other link-building methods such social media marketing, video, and local business directory submissions to keep you front and center in your locality.

Responsive to Change
Unlike mathematical formulas like, say, rise over run, local search engine optimization is not an exact science. It is constantly changing, growing and adjusting. Google alone changes what it likes to see several hundred times a year!

Even if you start off with a great-looking site and dynamite keywords, these will need to be tweaked. New pages might need to be added. Metatags and calls to action might need to be altered. We are a highly responsive local SEO company that is dedicated to getting it right. Just ask our dozens of satisfied clients.

Every roofing business is different. Your specialties are unique. Your levels of experience and customer service are unique. Your market is like no other, so we create a strategy just for you. Your niche will be thoroughly researched, your traffic will be constantly monitored, and your questions will always be answered.

That's the way we do SEO for roofing contractors, and we guarantee our results. Call or email us now and watch that phone ring.

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Let us know who you are and what your business needs. And we'll show you how we can help.

We hate SPAM and will never sell your information.