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SEO for Painting Contractors

If you want a bigger share of the market, SEO for painting contractors will give you more leads among the population you want to reach. The reality is if your name isn't one of the first that pops up in organic search results, people just won't know you're out there. Search engine optimization turns that around. We have helped painters of all sizes and specialties earn fantastic results; we'd like to help you, too.

Are you relying on flyers, signs and paid advertising to spread the word about you? These can work but they don't always offer the most reliable return on investment. SEO for painting contractors is different. It is targeted, affordable and gets you out in front where people are looking - on the Internet.

SEO for Painting Contractors

Get more leads from the audience you care about - local people who need your painting service. Get more traffic - up to 40 percent more - and convert these leads into sales. We get your phone to ring. It's then up to you to you sell them with your personality and expertise.

How SEO for Painting Contractors Works

Search engine optimization is ultimately about people finding services. It's just faster and more targeted. So first, we get to know your individual business. We look at the things that make you special. Are you a member of the BBB or Angie's List? Are your rates much lower than your competitors? We highlight your unique qualities.

We also take the time to research your market, and we come up with the most coveted keywords. We incorporate them into a well-written and designed website, and then build quality links to it from credible places. And we never use link farms or other black hat techniques; Google torpedoes efforts like that.

A Range of Services
Just as prep work is vital to a good paint job, local search engine optimization requires time to work. However, we can use a variety of other search marketing tools to draw attention to your site quickly. These include careful use of social media marketing and local business directory submissions.

If only 6% of Internet searchers visit sites from the paid ads, why are you there and not where the 94% are looking? We can help you grow your business.
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Painting Contractor Search Optimization

Here are the facts: 94 percent of people prefer to do business with the company names that appear at the top of organic search results. These are not paid positions; they are earned by quality SEO for painting contractors. Google and other major search engines reward good writing and technical compliance with top listings. It's that simple.

There are many website optimization companies out there. We have 20 years of combined experience on our team, and have worked with painters of all kinds: small operations, national companies, residential, commercial and industrial.

How Will People Find You?
Let’s say that you have a website and you do both commercial and residential work. If a homeowner wants their exterior redone, and your site is not optimized properly, the page that pops up in search results might be related to your commercial side. Will that person be compelled to click around your site looking for residential exterior? Not likely.

We make it easy for them with proper technical compliance and indexing.

SEO for painting contractors expertly matches your specific services to keywords and keyphrases that are directly related. Your site will be structured so that people searching for residential work will be automatically linked there when they do a search.

Mobile Design and Marketing for Painters

It has become very important to create a website that's as easy to use on a mobile device as a home computer. Our SEO for painting contractors can use responsive web design to make your site easy to see and navigate on small screens. When people are out and about, that outdated living room is still nagging at them. When they have a free moment, they can find your company from their tablet or iPhone right away.

SEO for painting contractors is very affordable. Your leads can work out to as little as $2 each, compared with $15 or $20 for paid leads. SEO-derived leads are quality leads because they come from people in your area who need your services. We have created this vital link for others; we know we can do it for you.

Affordable SEO for Painting CompaniesOur Guarantee
We will even go a step further: We guarantee you will be found on the first page of major search engine results for at least 20 highly descriptive and relevant keywords within 90 days. We are so sure we can achieve this for you that we will give you half your money back and you keep the website as your own if we don't live up to our promise. This motivates us to keep our end of the bargain and there is nearly no risk to you.

Do you think it's time to consider SEO for painting contractors? Give us a call now. Talk to the painters we have worked with around the nation - who are now many steps ahead of the competition.

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Let us know who you are and what your business needs. And we'll show you how we can help.

We hate SPAM and will never sell your information.