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SEO for Contractors

SEO for contractors is our specialty. We work every day with Roofers, Plumbers, Painters, AC Companies, Home Remodelers, General Contractors and more. If you are wanting to get more qualified local leads, take advantage of our proven SEO service for contractors. Call us today for your free quote. We guarantee results!

We know from years of experience as a full service SEO company that being found organically with the right marketing messages generates the best leads and more conversions for all types of contractors.

People now search for all types of services online, and local SEO makes you stand out from the rest. If someone needs your services, they're going to look on page one of search engine results. People trust the sites they find on page one of the organic rankings so SEO should be part of any contractors marketing plan.

Affordable SEO for Contractors

Local SEO for Contractors

In today's competitive world, you need to be one of the very first names people see when they do Google searches in your local area - and you need to appear in the local listings for many terms and phrases - not just one or two. Contractor rankings on page one of Google are harder and harder to get without a really good SEO working for you.

How can you get good contractor rankings in the local organic listings on Google? Call us. We are a highly experienced, local SEO company and contractors marketing agency. We work with contractors in many industries nationwide, and we get our clients found for relevant search terms on page one of the Google listings.

What Is the Cost For SEO For Contractors?

You cater to many budgets, and so do we. Call us to discuss the various packages we offer. You can choose to optimize your site as a one time SEO project or choose to have it optimized on an ongoing basis. We don't just do SEO for contractors, you can also take advantage of our contractors marketing services, online advertising, social media marketing and more.

Local Contractor SEOSocial media marketing acts like a modern-day water cooler where people gather and talk you up in a relaxed setting.

Local business directory submissions give you additional name recognition when people do specific searches locally. We only work with the most relevant directories so you do better in the local listings.

Additional content can help you branch out into more and more markets for more and more terms when the time is right.

We can save you a lot of money on these types of search engine marketing strategies. Some are free and some require an additional fee. Let's sit down and discuss the right fit for you.

Can you afford SEO for contractors? Can you afford to leave 40% or more of the available site visitors to your competitors? You can't afford to be without the increased traffic that comes from being found in Google searches locally.

What Are Good Organic Contractor Rankings?

You hear a lot about "organic" results - or rankings. These are the non-paid listings on Google, and the other search engines, that show up when you search something. These are not the Google local or maps section. These rankings are earned by having a well-optimized website, a flawless technical structure, the right content and marketing messages, and links from the right kinds of directories and websites. Our SEO service and contractor marketing plans will do just that for your company.

Why is this important? As many as 94 percent of people select sites from the non-paid listings to visit when they do searches on Google — and most people don't go beyond the first page of the listings. That is where you need to be - on the first page of the local listings. That is where we guarantee you'll be found when you choose us as your SEO Service.

These first-page, organic local listings are achieved by giving the search engines what they like to see in order to better serve their users. It doesn't matter whether you are a one man contracting service or a growing regional corporation covering several States. We can help your target market find you in the local listings with our proven SEO services and contractors marketing plans.

Meaningful Keywords Are Important To Any Contractors Marketing Plan

You obviously want your website found for the words people type into their browser when they do searches online. Your services and geographic location will be written into the code used to design your website. The content will incorporate keywords, keyword phrases and marketing messages. Your content should always sound natural; with our years of experience doing hundreds of contractors marketing and SEO plans, we make this happen seamlessly. When these things are combined with a good technical structure, you will be found well for the right keywords and phrases.

Advice for Contractors That Want More Leads From Their Website

Most contractors say that they want to generate more leads from their website. Getting your website found in the organic section of the Google listings is a really good start but it takes more than just being found to generate leads.

Remember that there are many companies competing for first page rankings. Only 10 will show up organically and many times a few will appear in the local listings section and let’s not forget the paid ads. Taking all of these into consideration, you may find as many as 18 to 20 companies on page one competing for the internet searchers attention.

If you are one of those companies on page one of the listings, what can you do to increase the chances that the potential customer chooses your website instead of the others to visit?

Marketing is the key. I’m not talking about buying paid ads, although the more times you show up on page one the better your chances of getting the business. I’m talking about having the right marketing message to attract the potential customer to select your site.

Think about it for a minute. When you search Google, what determines the site you choose to visit?

Most people say that the message they see in the search rankings indicates that the website will solve their problem.

Connect with the Two Most Important Audiences
It isn't just human beings who are reading your web pages. There's also software designed to find the pages and make sense of them. These so-called robots, or spiders, scan the Web, see what's out there and put it in a category. It is very important to have all your services in the right categories. When you are well optimized and categorized it also helps you get into the Google local listings

You might be thinking, who cares what a computer wants? It really does matter. Search engines reward contractors that have good SEO with higher rankings in the local listings - and you don't pay a premium for this. When you're found well in the local listings and your marketing messages are done well, you will get more traffic and more leads.

Contractors Marketing Plans
We have helped hundreds of contractors across the nation get good rankings on Google and the other search engines. More importantly, we have helped them convert the new traffic that they get to new business. We are certified in search marketing and are also certified digital marketers (CDMP’s). As CDMP’s we have learned all the latest marketing techniques that help contractors, like you, increase your business.

Contractor rankings in the local listings are important but converting those rankings into traffic, leads and new customers is what we’re all about. Talk with us about what we can do to help you market your business more successfully online in your local market.

How to Use Meta Tiles and Descriptions to Get Traffic
The messages that you see when you search Google, or the other search engines, consists of the Meta title and the Meta description. This is a crucial part of being chosen from the rankings. If your title and description are all about you, people are probably going to pass you by. If, on the other hand, the title and description show a compelling message about how you can solve the issue for the customer, you’re more likely to be selected.

Here’s an example of what might work for a roofing contractor in the Atlanta area:
Roof Repair, Shingles, Tile, Metal, Flat – Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell (Meta title)

We fix roof problems right the first time. We’re fast, professional, licensed and insured. Have us repair your roof before it becomes a bigger problem. Get your free estimate. (Meta description)

This example tells the prospective customer that you repair roofs, it tells them what kind of roofs you repair and entices them to reach out to you. The marketing message is that you do the job right, you’re fast, professional. Licensed and insured. What do people want in a roofing contractor other than that?

Calls to Action
The call to action is get your free estimate. You should always have a call to action that does just that – calls them to take the action that you want them to take.

We’ve used keywords but we haven’t overdone it, which can cause problems. We put 3 cities in the Meta title. Our experience tells us that we can usually get found in three cities this way. Once we have a site found for 3 cities we can add more.

This example is for the roof repair services that you offer. Many roofers tell us that they do repairs and that repairs lead to more new roofs sold than actual searches for new roof or roof replacement.

Once you are found well in the listings and your marketing messages are right in the title and description, it’s time to look at the site.

Think About Why People Visit Your Site
All site visitors have a reason for visiting your site. We look at it as they have a problem to solve and are looking for a viable solution. The roofing example above is pretty easy to see a problem – the roof leaks. But, any contractor can use the problem/solution style for content.

If you’re a remodeling contractor – remodeling a new bath or kitchen may be the problem the visitor is trying to solve. Maybe the problem is that they need more space and a room above the garage or a finished basement will do the trick.

If you’re a painter – the problem could be as big as they need new paint because it’s peeling off the house or as subtle as they are tired of the living room color.

An HVAC contractor may see people in need of repair or to replace an older system or the problem could be that the consumer is building a new home and needs a good AC and heating system.

It doesn’t matter what kind of contractor that you are, you can think of problems that you solve for consumers.

The content on any contractor’s website will make the difference in success or failure. The content should be always written to solve the customer’s problem and give them a good experience. Notice that I didn’t say to tell them how wonderful you are. Prospective customers are interested in solving their problem not hearing about you. I know that’s cold but it’s true.

Check Out Our Guarantee
We spend a lot of time researching and crafting the perfect SEO, marketing plan and website for you. So we can make you an amazing guarantee: You will be found for no less than 20 relevant keywords on the first page of major search engines within 90 days, or you get half your money back and keep all of the work we've done for you. Obviously we wouldn't have stayed in business all of these years with a guarantee like this if we didn't perform well for our clients.

We stake our reputation and our own profits on this guarantee because we know how important it is for your investment to pay off for you - we put our money where our mouth is. We are sure that our SEO services will create new business for you.

Do You Have a Website Now?
If you are happy with the look of your existing website but just want to get it found in the local listings on page one so you can generate more business, we can do that too. There will obviously have to be some changes made because your current site isn't being found when searches are done in your local area. But, rest assured that we can make it look very much like it does now. And we can tell you this: quality SEO for contractors typically boosts existing traffic by about 40 percent or more. And that new traffic increases your chances of getting more leads, and converting those leads into sales.

Want to see if we are for real? Ask us and we will supply you with names, phone numbers and URLs of contractors just like you so you can ask them how well our SEO services work for them. SEO for contractors is 90% of our business and we take the mystery out of getting more leads for you online.

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Let us know who you are and what your business needs. And we'll show you how we can help.

We hate SPAM and will never sell your information.