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SEO for Restaurants

Are people finding you when it's time to eat? SEO for restaurants helps hungry people find you just by doing an Internet search. Whether you offer fast food, destination dining or anything in between, our brand of local business SEO can boost your visibility.

You have probably put a lot of thought into where you draw your patrons. They might be a lunch crowd from around the corner, people shopping at an anchor store, or discriminating palates from around the state. Maybe you want more take-out business. We put a lot of thought into SEO for restaurants. That combined with targeted search engine marketing can get your reservation line to ring.

Local SEO for Restaurants

No matter what your specialty, SEO for restaurants puts it in sharp focus: the right keywords, a geographical target, and specific information.

Three Ingredients to Successful SEO for Restaurants

Page one positioning - Getting to the top of search engine rankings is very important. Make it easy for them to find you exactly for what you offer by using relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

A great website - People decide whether to explore a site in just a couple of seconds. If it's not what they want, they move on. We engage them with correct technical architecture, well-written content and good design. Your site will be pitch-perfect.

Quality link building - If you are already using PPC marketing or local business directory submissions, good for you. That is putting your name out there. We can build that into our program of SEO for restaurants in a way that will save you money on pay per click and drive more traffic to your website.

Be There When They Look for You
Busy people need fast results, and the fastest place to find a place to eat is online. When people Google your specific offerings, your name will be among the first they'll find. You may be part of a restaurant row and want to stand out. You might be a place that is worth a drive. We will use every resource to get you found for the important features that make you special.

Social Media Marketing

This has become important to generating buzz and drawing mealtime crowds. And we can build it into our menu of SEO for restaurants. When people log onto Facebook, your status update will be there. Tweeting, emailing or posting the daily special shows you care. Virtual cooking lessons are a perfect fit for YouTube. The possibilities are great for leveraging this growing tool.

Mobile Design and Marketing

Business cards and take-home menus are a staple of the industry, but it's so much easier to use the Internet. Today, that could be from anywhere. The mom ferrying kids to soccer practice orders pizza with a smartphone at a stop light. The office down the street may need a catered lunch. A Super Bowl party can order wings from a high def TV screen.

Capture more of the market by using our responsive web design. It allows your menu, pictures and other content to adjust to screens of any size.

Restaurant SEOStay Current All the Time
Just as you update your menu, search engines update what they like in a website. It is a part of their customer service. In a recent year, Google changed its algorithms 500 times. That's pretty mind-boggling. Who has time to keep their website in Google's good graces? We do.

When you invest in SEO for restaurants, your site will contain meaningful keywords that get you found for each of your specialties. When the search engines change their values, our automatic software quickly makes the changes. We're one of a handful of local SEO companies that has this technology.

A Seasoned Team
Like your front- and back-of-the house teams, you need seasoned people running your online operation. We have brought some of the best marketers, technical wizards, writers and developers together to create very effective local search engine optimization. Altogether, we've been at it 20 years.

We've helped restaurants and catering companies generate more business at very reasonable prices. Sometimes it amounts to as little as $2 per lead. When you consider that paid ads cast a wider net with spotty results, it makes economic sense to consider the services SEO for restaurants has to offer.

The best food in the World goes to waste if no one comes in to eat it. Don’t sit and wonder why other restaurants are busy and you’re not.
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Our Guarantee

Let us make you an offer: We're so sure we can grow your business and make it more visible, we'll guarantee you will be found for 20 relevant keyword phrases within 90 days on the first page of search engine results.

If you're not getting the results we promise, you can walk away with half your money and keep the website. It's a big risk for us, as we are the ones who stand to lose the most, but we are certain we can do it.

It's simple, really. We bring you more leads; you wow them with your hospitality and great food. SEO for restaurants is today's recipe for success.

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Let us know who you are and what your business needs. And we'll show you how we can help.

We hate SPAM and will never sell your information.