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SEO for Dentists

SEO for dentists can help build your practice by making you highly visible where it counts the most – Internet searches. Referrals are great but unreliable; mailers might get tossed; paid links can get you penalized. In-the-know practices are meeting prospects where they search. For 9 out of 10 people, that's the Internet.

Local SEO for Dentists

You've heard it from your peers and at professional meetings: SEO is growing fast. Many DDSes use advertising because they don't have a website, or the one they have doesn't reach page one of search results, but that is exactly where most people are looking for any local business, including a new dentist.

Considering that less than 5% of Internet searchers go past the first page, it is crucial to get as high as possible on page one. We are experienced and can get you there.

Strong organic search results, quality inbound links and technical compliance with Google's requirements are a few of the building blocks of SEO that help dental practices and other forward-thinking professionals succeed on the Internet. Our local SEO company can build you an online presence that satisfies all of those requirements.

We have been doing SEO for more than 30 combined years - a long time in this relatively new industry.

The Facts About SEO For Dentists

Yellow Page ads have gone the way of the dinosaur. Most people search for everything they need online. They are using their smart devices as often as their home PCs or HDTVs. For this reason, it is vital to get mobile design and marketing that adjusts the message to the screen size and we do this for you.

We guarantee results! The dental field is highly competitive. Are new patients finding you when they search the internet? Our clients are found for literally hundreds of good terms.
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Think of parents discussing braces with a child. It's almost guaranteed that someone will whip out their tablet and compare choices. Even the older population that might want dental implants or crowns is embracing online searches. Will your name be on page one?

How SEO for Dentists Works

When people type in the search terms that you are optimized for, your website appears on page one. The potential patient can then select your website to visit. Statistics show that 94% of searchers choose sites from the organic results to visit. Once there, your well optimized site with the correct marketing message will help convert them to a new patient.

Dentists SEOAre you now offering Invisalign or sedation dentistry? Let the world - or at least the people in your area - know it. Your optimized site can be easily adjusted as you expand, add offices or refine your focus to generate more traffic and new business.

SEO includes making your site attractive to two crucial audiences: human readers and search engine robots. We know how to engage and inform through professional content development and design. At the same time, we remove technical roadblocks that prevent Google from scrutinizing and indexing a site thoroughly. This way you are found when people search for dentists in your area.

If you have a website that is getting you nowhere, the right SEO firm can boost your traffic and new patient acquisition rate by as much as 40%.

How a properly optimized website functions - Each page is optimized for a desirable search term or set of search terms that are good for dentistry. Each is technically attuned to the quality and relevance factors search engine spiders seek. The marketing message will be relevant and appealing. Your site will also automatically be aligned with Google's frequent updates through the use of our program so you get and keep great rankings.

How it looks - Professionally optimized and written pages are equally important to a fantastic design. Meaningful, original content is highly rewarded by Google, and it tells potential patients what they need to know: your qualifications, office hours and even insurance information. It's also become essential to let people ask questions and schedule appoints online.

How it feels - Our site design expertise gives prospects an instant feel for your practice. The right graphics, colors and font set a warm and inviting tone. These can be enhanced with music and video clips if you desire.

SEO is Right for Your Practice

We successfully work with all types of practices. Whether you offer general dentistry or a specialty, targeted search results and an effective website will get your phone ringing because it is ranked high in the search results.

Dental emergencies - When someone loses a filling or a tooth gets knocked out, they might need emergency dentistry. If that is what you do, we can get you found for keyword phrases such as "emergency dentist." It's also vital to have responsive web design so your site can be accessed easily by mobile phone.

Elective procedures - If your office offers laser teeth whitening, veneers, implants or other cosmetic procedures, prospective patients need both a snapshot and a big picture of your practice. With all the competition out there, good SEO gets your name front and center in the most trusted way possible: the non-paid section of the search engines.

Specialties - Endodontics, orthodontics and other practices rely heavily on referrals by general dentists. But people have more choices these days, especially on their dental insurance plans, and they need to know what you can offer them. Tell them through a well optimized website.

Guaranteed Page One Results

We offer a written SEO guarantee that you will be found for 20 relevant keywords and keyword phrases on the first page of search results within 90 days after your site is launched. That is an ironclad guarantee. If we can't do it, you get half your money back and can keep the site. If we don't perform well for you, we lose significant money. This guarantee insures that we will do everything in our power to make your newly optimized site successful.

You need to meet your specific audience where they are, and SEO for dentists is the answer. Get in touch with My SEO Guys today to see what we can do for your business.

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Let us know who you are and what your business needs. And we'll show you how we can help.

We hate SPAM and will never sell your information.