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Get real data from a real SEO, not a robot or a salesperson. The audit will show you what is already working for your website and what needs to be adjusted in order for you to succeed online. This audit has helped hundreds of contractors improve their organic rankings so that they increase their lead flow, # of new jobs and profits!

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This SEO audit covers everything needed to improve your website. This is the exact process our auditor uses to examine websites at the domain level, page level, content, backlinks and internal linking, technical issues, server level issues, and even the flow of your navigation and user experience. If we do it for you the auditor will generate a report that gives you your SEO score and a template to fix the issues in your website. If you want to do your own audit, follow the checklist below. You might also find value in our SEO checklist.

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Use this as your SEO audit checklist

I can’t give away the secret sauce of exactly how our SEO auditor determines your SEO score but you can see that we are very serious about helping you dominate in your market space. All of the following information is included in our audit report.

  • Domain level audit– Check the # of pages in the index to be sure your pages are showing correctly. Also make sure that only your pages are showing. Seeing many more pages in the index than you have on your site is a very good way to spot a hacked site. Evaluate your meta titles and descriptions for proper length and content. We look to be sure that they are compelling and match the search criteria and page content. Check to be sure your URL is https – Look for comments in Search console and low/zero value pages - these are pages that get no visitors.
  • We use a variety of SEO audit tools to look for server errors, soft 404 errors, # of access denied, and # of pages not found. Check for warnings in the “new and important” section of search console. Look for security issues, duplicate title tags, duplicate meta descriptions, search appearance and html improvements. We also look to see if query parameters are being indexed and crawl parameters are correct. Also check for crawl errors.
  • Next, look at Google Analytics and check for # of landing pages with less than 1 visitor, # of pages indexed and tracked in analytics, and the top 5 organic landing pages over 90 days. Look for “index bloat”, this is the ratio of indexed pages to pages with less than 1 organic visitor. We check organic traffic trends over 12 months looking for significant increases and decreases and the reasons why. We match these changes against major algorithm changes by Google to see if you benefited from, or were penalized by, a change. Check to be sure that the code for analytics is on each page and only on your site.
  • Then go to the sitemap – check the number of pages on the sitemap versus the # of pages indexed. Isolate the pages with less than 1 visitor. Make sure the sitemap is clean and correct as well as actually present. Check to be sure that the sitemap has been submitted to Google. Check the crawl versus the site map.
  • Now look at the robots.txt file to be sure that no pages are set to no index that should index. We also check to be sure that pages that should be no index are really set to no index. We do the same with no follow links.

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Up to this point this technical SEO audit is much like others, but here is where it starts to dive deep into the reasons you do or don’t have great SEO results and how you can improve your SEO score as well as the conversion rate of site visitor to buyer.

  • Check your backlinks - you can do this in search console or a number of other commercially available programs. The number of quality backlinks is an indication of domain authority. Look at your domain authority, page authority, # of linking root domains, # of total links, and your spam score. Check to be sure that your links are the same with and without the www in your url. Look for spammy links and evidence of purchased links. Check the top linked pages and look to see if they correlate with a particular type of content used. Check to be sure that the internal linking strategy on the site is correct - pages are linked to other pages in the same category. Check to ensure that the logo links to the canonical version of the home page. Then look to be sure that your outbound links are to reputable websites.
  • Check your 404 page. Is it present? Does it communicate that the visitor has reached a page that doesn’t exist. Does the page match the “scent” of the site?
  • Look for internal site search. Is it present, does it work and is Google Analytics recording the site search.
  • On to navigation. Is your navigation intuitive? Is faceted navigation needed and if so is it used? Is auto suggest needed and used? Is internal cross-linking from content used correctly? Does each page, subpage and category have a purpose? Are you using breadcrumbs?
  • Can both the search engines and the users access your site the way it should be accessed? Check to ensure that Flash is not used and that important text is not image bound - Google doesn't read text inside images. Check to be sure that iframes are not used. Look for responsive web design and crawl errors for mobile devices.
  • Check for how the site renders for both search robots and humans. Record the desktop bounce rate, the desktop time on site, tablet bounce rate, tablet time on site, mobile bounce rate and mobile time on site.
  • Run the Google mobile friendly test.

Now this in-depth SEO audit checklist moves to the page level.

  • Analyze the home page, internal pages, product pages, and blog posts. We are looking for the value that the pages provide for users because this truly effects your SEO score. The Panda and Penguin algorithm changes by Google were all about quality of user experience. Check for the # of words on the page, # of images on the page, and # of videos on the page. You need to know that the page is uniquely valuable. Does the page deserve to rank above the other pages competing for the same keyword or phrase?
  • Layout and design are next. The look and feel of a site does not directly impact the rankings or the SEO score but it does reduce the bounce rate and drive visitors deeper into the site, which makes them more likely to do business with you. We check to be sure that the pages are of high quality, the images are crisp and clear, the design is congruent with your brand, you are not using unedited stock images, does the page have a clear focal point, is the layout intuitive, is the page able to be skimmed for pertinent information, and that the navigation in intuitive.
  • Use an emulator to be sure that the site renders properly on all manner of device because if it doesn't your SEO score will drop a ton.

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No SEO Audit would be complete without looking into keywords and content.

  • Are your pages keyword targeted? This is how you tell the search engines which search queries are pertinent to your site as well as your individual pages. yOU need to be sure that: each page targets a single intent and context based keyword, is the keyword used in the title tag, is the title tag the correct length, is the keyword in the slug and the page headline, how many times is it used in the body content, is it in the meta description, is the description the correct length, are synonyms used, is the keyword in the alt tag, are the pages linked with the correct anchor text? Believe it or not, all of these items are crucial to earning great SEO results.
  • Do you suffer from keyword cannibalization? Check to be sure you are not cannibalizing - meaning you have multiple pages about the same keyword.
  • Are you using header tags and alt tags properly
  • Check for proper cross-linking and siloing.
  • Make sure that your content is shareable when it should be and not when it shouldn’t. Look for the applause rate on the page (social shares), Check the value of the content so that it does get shared. Are videos on a shareable platform? Are your pics shareable?
  • Duplicate content kills rankings. If you have a duplicate page for a legitimate reason we make sure you have the right canonical tags.
  • Check for stranded pages - these are pages with no links to them.
  • Check for distance from main navigation to ensure that it is correct - you shouldn't have to click more than 3xs from the home page to reach any page on your site.
  • Look at redirects. Are the done and are they correct? Always use 301 redirects because they're permanent - never use 302 redirects because they are temporary.
  • Now look at page load speed. Page load speed has a huge impact on SEO score.Make sure your page load speed is above 94% for both desktop and mobile.
  • Look for html errors. No site should have html errors.

Okay, this may sound a bit intense but if you really want good SEO results these are the things you need to understand or have your SEO team understand.

As a leading SEO company with digital marketing expertise, we know how to find this data and what to do with it to improve your SEO performance and be sure that you, our client, experiences the business growth you expect. It’s no longer a secret that businesses that do well with search engine marketing are far more successful than those that haven’t figured out how to compete in the search engine results.

Many people ask us what the difference is between the leading SEO professionals and the other guys. We hope that taking a look at our SEO audit will begin to show you the things that we do differently than lesser qualified SEOs. It all starts with a good audit report.

Saving money by hiring an inexpensive SEO is like building your new home with no foundation to save a few bucks. It may look like a savings on the front end but it always costs considerably more in the long run. Sometimes it doesn’t take very long to see costs mount with a budget SEO. Lost revenue is a cost that most business owners can’t live with.

Remember, all of the leading SEO companies are extremely busy and have no time to waste. We are very picky about the new clients that we take on. We look for a strong commitment from the client as to the success of his/her business online. Should we do business together, we will work very hard for you to ensure your success of your SEO strategy. Contact us to see if we’re a good fit for your business and you’re a good fit for us. We can’t take on every potential client that calls us but we will definitely spend time exploring the potential relationship.

Call us to arrange an in-depth SEO audit with a professional SEO auditor. The audit report takes a few days to complete but it’ll be worth the wait and the results can help launch your business to an entirely new level.