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Believe it or not, your address can be hurting your organic rankings. Now, many of you will ask; “How in the World can my address hurt my rankings?” Your address is what the online directories use to distribute info about you online. When set up properly these directories create backlinks […]

Just about all roofing contractors say the same thing...UNTIL...They figure out the secret to getting more business from their website.

It happens. Good companies get bad mouthed online. Sometimes it’s a legitimate complaint and sometimes it’s simply an unfounded attack, so what should you do if you receive a bad review?

There are two paths that I’ll address in this post. The first one...

The following SEO checklist is a "plain English" version of what our team uses to optimize a website and raise the SEO score of the site. We have helped about a thousand companies nationwide achieve great search rankings. Our typical client earns between 50 or 60 to more than 1000 […]

What’s a contractor supposed to do when his or her SEO strategy is falling short of expectations? You could modify your expectations - not really what most contractors are interested in doing. You could give up on SEO and strictly use paid ads - this could work but it gets […]

How can you tell you've found a top SEO consultant? The best SEO consultant will audit your website thoroughly so he or she knows everything about your SEO strategy as well as the condition of your website for both the user experience and the robot (search engine) experience. He or […]

Get Your SEO Audit Get real data from a real SEO, not a robot or a salesperson. The audit will show you what is already working for your website and what needs to be adjusted in order for you to succeed online. This audit has helped hundreds of contractors improve […]

Leading SEO companies audit websites at a high level so they completely understand your website and SEO campaign, then apply advanced SEO and marketing techniques that many lower level SEOs can't afford to implement. Here are a few things that are far more important than many realize when it comes […]

He was just like you. Local SEO services tripled his business in one of the most competitive markets in the country. When a local HVAC contractor needed to stop doing all the work himself he looked for a way to increase his business enough to hire a crew.

Have you noticed that some contractors seem to always be in the organic rankings, no matter what term or phrase you search? One thing we hear often is that contractor’s experience frustration when their competitors appear ahead of them...

On-page SEO vs Off-page SEO sounds a little like the chicken and the egg for a lot of people. Even some SEOs scratch their heads and wonder which to do first. It would seem on the surface that it would be quicker to do off-page… Get some links… Market some […]

SEO can work wonders for companies that are using it correctly and have appropriate expectations. It can also be a huge failure and a major loss for those that use it improperly, or expect a magic cure-all. Good, solid SEO work is ongoing, and requires effort. It isn’t a stick-it-in-place-once-and-leave-it-alone-while-it-performs-miracles. […]

Using online marketing used to be as easy as buying a few ads and getting yourself found in the organic results for a handful of terms.

What happened that killed those techniques?

Many SEO experts will tell you that having search engine optimization performed on your site is like building a new home. Does this sound stupid?

Read on – it’ll make sense.

We're proud to say that we are an American SEO company from top to bottom and through and through. We love working with contractors because we often share the pride in being American. When your search engine optimization is “made in America”. It will mean the difference between the success […]

The best online marketing strategy for contractors is changing all the time. No longer is it adequate to have a website, write a little content and throw a few keywords in the mix. The game is tougher than ever. Whether you're a new business, a small business, or you’ve just […]

We were recently ranked as a top 10 SEO Company in Florida. We've also been ranked in the top 10 nationally by another group. We've been helping contractors get more leads, jobs and profits for the past 10 years. When you want to find the best SEO company for contractors, […]

Really good SEO positioning for contractors results from getting your website found in the organic rankings on the major search engines and implementing the proper marketing to get you leads, jobs and profit. Getting a good position on Google is only part of the game, a good SEO and online […]

The Quickest & Easiest Way to Become Relevant on Social Media You’ve been lied to… “All you need to do is post on social media!” Online, we see many marketers and businesses of all sizes raving about using social media for marketing. Social media is an ever expanding world, and […]

We've all heard that “content is king” and "You can’t have too much content on your website." But, is there a time when content is damaging to your site and its organic rankings?

Yes! Content that is “dead” can be damaging and actually hurt your rankings.

Content marketing is a hot topic. We’re getting tons of questions from our clients asking what it is and whether or not it can help them make more money. So, here’s a quick rundown on what content marketing is and how you

Growing your business 3 fold seems impossible. There are ways to use SEO to reach enough people online that you can triple your small business in a year.

Are you afraid of getting burned? You’re not alone. Nearly every business owner I have ever spoken with about SEO tells me he/she has been burned 4 times.

We’re all alike. We’re really good at some things and not others. I’m going to show how to be much better at making money from your website. Here are the top 5 things that business owners accidentally do that hurts the success of their website…including the silent killer that haunts most sites.

All business owners want to know this answer. There are 3 things that are killing your sites rankings that you can fix fast. Let’s start with the quick answer to why your website isn’t ranking and then move onto some detail as well as offer solutions to these 3 problems.

How to Maximize ROI From Your Online Marketing Welcome to the third and final part in our “building an unbeatable online presence” series… Let's focus on maximizing your return on investments (what every business owner truly cares about at the end of the day) from your online marketing campaigns. We'll […]

How to Get Rooted in the Organic SectionNow that we’ve addressed the titles and descriptions of your site, let’s take a look at your content. Getting your site found in the organic rankings also (largely) depends on your content, and there are guidelines that will make your content more appealing […]

How to Stay Ahead of the CompetitionLet’s start building your unbeatable online presence with getting found in the organic section of the search engines (and, yes, you really can do your own search engine optimization!), because studies show that 94% of Internet searchers choose sites from this section to visit. […]

This is a hot topic right now. We hear about content marketing, and about sharing your content, etc. But what interest will people have in your content if it’s bad? And, how do you know if it’s good content or bad content? Read a page of your content or a […]

If you are a growing small to medium-sized local business, you know that inbound links to your website make for good local SEO; they are important to getting high Google rankings. Search engines reward links from what it calls “authoritative” sites to your pages. But too many links is considered […]

You’ve heard about the local SEO company that helps contractors get found on page one of Google. “Everybody” seems to be doing it. Many more are popping up all the time. How do you know if a local SEO company is the right choice for you? If you feel you […]

What makes a great small business SEO website? It’s an easy thing to over think. If you cram too much information into it, making it too “busy” or too link-rich, you will simply turn people off. When people are on the hunt for a service, they want to know three […]

This is a question that has been hanging over SEO for years. For ages, we have been hearing that content is king; it is, however, great content can appear nearly non-existent to the search engines if the structure of the site is discouraging the search engine’s spiders from indexing it. […]

Mobile phones and other hand-held smart devices are getting a larger and larger share of search. In fact, a recent survey by Google shows 74 percent of mobile owners use some online search feature. Forrester Research estimates paid search on mobile is worth about $3.8 billion. It’s clear that people […]

Proper keyword selection is perhaps the most important part of good local SEO. But many people see it as a magical process analogous to The Wizard of Oz: Google is the Great and Powerful one, a mysterious and impenetrable mastermind; the business owner is Dorothy, just looking for an answer. […]

It's hard to nail down the magic number of pages for a site to be effective. Google's Matt Cutts has said that a large number of pages doesn't always affect your SEO ranking. But he's also said that the more pages a site has, the more opportunity there will be […]

There's much confusion over duplicate content on the internet - what it is and what it is not, as well as how it can affect your local SEO efforts. Because Google has not published any hard and fast rules,  it's highly recommended that you play it safe. Focus on original […]

We've heard it over and over, that link building is "dead" or severely disabled. But we like to think it merely underwent a serious change in 2013. What got you traffic in recent years isn't working any more. Google algorithms got savvier at separating links it considers high-quality from those […]

Senior Product Manager, Duane Forrester over at Bing, posted a blog thread talking about four ways you do not want to build backlinks to your website. Ways not to build backlinks by Bing include...

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