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Marketing your Functional or Integrative Medical Practice

Functional or integrative medicine is a very specialized area of practice and as such requires a team both knowledgeable in your area of medicine as well as all disciplines of digital marketing to effectively increase your patient flow and revenue.

Our team is managed by two Certified Digital Marketing Professionals (CDMPs), that are certified in customer (patient) acquisition, customer (patient) value optimization, data analysis, conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization, social media, internet advertising, and email marketing.

Marketing your Functional or Integrative Medical Practice

This training requires approximately 400 hours of study per person, more than 40 quizzes and exams and a written thesis in order to attain the coveted designation of CDMP. This is one of the most advanced digital marketing educations that can be obtained. We also employ top-tier website developers and SEOs to build you a highly professional website that helps attract new patients.

We currently are successful at performing our marketing services in the field of functional and integrative medicine.

Reach out to us to discuss how we may be able to help you attract new patients, implement a patient value optimization program, increase your revenue and improve patient retention.

Several of the more well known integrative and functional websites that we have built are:

  • Mitchell Ghen DO, PhD, considered one of the top ten integrative doctors in the field today, Dr Mitch’s Offer Wellness site ( and his elaborate portal for DOs, MDs and DCs, including the video training, were all created by our team.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Support (, a consulting firm for integrative and functional practices. We built their website, created their marketing videos, developed their marketing strategy and consulted with them in the development of their program to help doctors add a cash component to their practices.

Physicians in the field of integrative and functional medicine can experience improved patient flow and increased profit by working with us just like Dr. Mitch and Advanced Diagnostic Support have.

We understand integrative and functional medicine and what your practice needs to enable you to have a better lifestyle, increase your profit while seeing fewer (more profitable) patients, and have more free time to enjoy life. Call us today or fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you and let’s talk about improving your practice.

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