Using Local SEO Services to Generate Plenty of New Jobs

He was just like you.

Local SEO services tripled his business in one of the most competitive markets in the country.

When a local HVAC contractor needed to stop doing all the work himself he looked for a way to increase his business enough to hire a crew.

He had tried traditional advertising and paid Internet ads but they all failed miserably.

He was approaching 60 years old and really wanted to stop doing all the labor himself.

Off-Page Local SEO Services
He lost sleep trying to figure out how he could reach his goal... sound familiar?

He finally found a solution.

He got his company to appear in the organic section of Google... you know in the main section of the page... for a ton of relevant keywords and phrases.

How did he do it? We’ll get to that in just a second.

His company now appears for more than 1,000 search terms in his local market. And, his business has grown tremendously.

You guessed it... he now has several crews and doesn’t need to do the labor himself. And, his income has risen significantly.

Here’s how he did it...

He implemented local SEO services that actually worked and got him found where people are looking for AC and heating companies in his local market.

What SEO services did he implement:

  • His website is now technically aligned with Google’s algorithms
  • His content was written to attract Google as well as potential customers
  • Proper backlinks were built to his site to help the search engines find him
  • His social media has been optimized
  • There are calls to action on his site
  • The marketing messages on the site drive people to call him
  • Alt tags are in place
  • Schema markup is done correctly
  • And more

By the way...

This HVAC contractor is in one of the most competitive AC markets in the country... Miami.

When you are able to take advantage of local SEO services:

  • You reach more people that are looking for your product or services
  • Your business increases significantly
  • Your stress level goes down because you have more money
  • You business grows and gives you the opportunity to achieve your personal goals

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, local SEO services, when done correctly, will get you found where people are looking for products and services like yours.

Here’s another great example of how local SEO services have made a business owner significant money.

A new business owner was working way to hard to make a living.

Now... just a few short years later he now owns 2 thriving businesses and is earning a ton of money.

But before this catering company was thriving they struggled to find ways to reach new customers.

They didn’t have a lot of money to spend.

It was hard for them to spend even a small amount of money to find the customers they needed so badly.

The owner is a great chef but really didn’t know much about marketing.

He took a shot and hired one of the many local seo services he found online.

His website is now:

  • Aligned with Google’s requirements for search engine optimization
  • Structured properly
  • Well written and attracts Google and potential clients
  • Linked properly
  • Equipped with great alt tags on the pictures
  • Has the correct schema tags
  • Is found correctly in Google’s index
  • Standing out from the other 9 sites on page one
  • Generating huge traffic and tons of new business

He’s doing so well that he has now opened a restaurant and it’s doing well too.

Proper use of local SEO has brought many new customers to him by getting him found on page one of the search engines for hundreds of relevant terms and phrases.

When SEO is done right, it increases a small business owners income and helps provide the lifestyle that owner got into business to enjoy.

Let us know your thoughts and comment... thanks.