Leading SEO Companies – What Do They Do That’s Different Than Other SEO Agencies?

Leading SEO companies audit websites at a high level so they completely understand your website and SEO campaign, then apply advanced SEO and marketing techniques that many lower level SEOs can't afford to implement. Here are a few things that are far more important than many realize when it comes to online success.

  1. Getting found online, driving traffic to your website and converting that traffic so that you actually make money requires a multi part strategy that goes far beyond the basics of SEO.
  2. SEO is a component of digital marketing and no longer a stand alone strategy.
  3. Retargeting and remarketing to people that have visited your website is critical to success.
  4. A site without a funnel is incapable of producing significant results.
  5. Data analysis is as, or perhaps more, important than being found for top terms.
  6. Conversion rate optimization can make or break your Internet marketing success.

How do the top SEO consultants learn these things? Trial and error plays a part but so does proper education. In order to produce top results for clients, an optimization firm must understand how digital marketing and data analysis apply to revenue generation and improved margins for clients.

To fully understand digital marketing - education is required. Until the last few years a company could provide decent results for their clients with a cursory understanding of the 8 disciplines of digital marketing but that’s no longer true.leading SEO company

As one of the better SEO companies in the country we participate in continuing education so that we can serve you better. We are certified in all 8 disciplines of search engine and digital marketing.

The truth is that the Internet is changing rapidly and the competition is more intense everyday in your industry. The techniques that it takes to compete online are changing just as quickly. If your SEO hasn’t learned how to adjust with the times, like we have, your site will lose rankings and not produce the revenue you need or want.

Has this happened to you? Have you seen a drop in your rankings, traffic, or revenue?

There’s a hard cold fact about search engine optimization that most in the industry don’t want to admit. Most companies have had 4 bad experiences before they find success.

Why is this?

Here’s something that may be hard to swallow for some. Many business owners have done it to themselves.


Yes, if you hire the cheapest SEO company that you can find you will have a bad experience.

It’s mathematical.

Run the numbers yourself.

If you hire an firm for $300 per month, how many clients do you think that company needs to make a living? Good SEOs earn from $80,000 to $120,000 annually. Great SEOs can earn much more. How many $300 a month clients does it take to make a living. I’ll tell you how many - an impossible number to service correctly and that’s why companies that charge less that $500 per month can’t provide great results.digital marketing seo

This is why the typical business owner has had bad experiences with SEO.
The SEO industry is also at fault as there are no formal education requirements to hang out a shingle and call yourself an optimization professional. Anyone who can code a bit and write some content may call themselves an SEO. The top SEO companies know to be good you must do much more than the mere basics.

Compare this to a different business situation.

Let’s say that your building's roof is leaking and can't be patched again. You need a new roof. You’re a smart business person so you get several estimates. They are vastly different.

One is a top tier, well established commercial roofer with a great reputation that will do everything perfectly and provide a guarantee on his work. His quote is $110,000.

Next, you have a newer and smaller commercial roofer that still does professional work and offers a guarantee but hasn’t done many roofs the size of yours. He quotes you $86,000.

Then you have a third guy that shows up in a rusted out old pickup with no signage and couple of rent a drunk type guys with him. He’s not a licensed contractor and dances around your question about insurance. He assures you that he can do a great job for only $50,000.

What do you do?

Not too many of us are taking option 3...but you know...someone always does in the hope of saving a buck. If the person that takes contractor #3 has a bad experience we all tell him that it was his own fault, don’t we?leading search engine optimization companies

It’s not too dissimilar with search engine optimization firms.There are very high end firms that will charge more but you are safe selecting them as your SEO. There are mid range firms that are trying to take the next step to become a bigger player and they’re probably a decent selection. Then you have door #3. The problem in the SEO world is that the guy behind door #3 can hide better than the 3rd roofer can.

Price is an indicator of quality when it comes to search engine optimization. If you want top results you hire one of the leading SEO companies. If not you take your chances.

Sometimes that chance that you take can ruin your URL and do tremendous damage to your business. Recently we walked away from helping a company that had previously used a cheap SEO. Their site was hacked and had 68,000 pages of spam on it. The URL was in trouble. When they called us for help we showed them the issue. They were justifiably devastated. After a few days of deliberation they decided to have the cheap SEO fix the issue because, after all, they paid him to do a job. They wanted to talk with us about handling their site after he “fixed” it. It got worse not better and we turned the work down. Cheap SEO’s can really hurt you. Don’t save a few dollars and risk this type of thing happening to you.

How would your business survive without a strong flow of new clients or customers? Would you have the freedom you desire if your business had little to no revenue?

The leading SEO companies will provide far more for your money and return a solid ROI but to achieve that level of success you will be required to invest accordingly

Ask yourself these questions:

  • If an truly effective SEO company could generate a 7 figure increase in top line revenue annually is it worth investing in that firm.
  • What’s your net margin?
  • Would a 7 figure increase in new revenue increase your bottom line by several hundred thousand dollars?
  • Is it worth investing 10% to earn that extra income?

Leading SEO Companies Use this ProcessHere's The Process Used By Leading SEO Companies

  • We create many first page rankings on the search engines that are an important step in generating cost effective traffic.
  • We create marketing messages that entice searchers to select your site over the others on page one of the SERPS.
  • We build a funnel on your site that moves site visitors through the journey from not knowing who you are, to evaluating you as the right fit for them, to turning them into a buyer or multi buyer.
  • We create offers known as lead magnets that are so irresistible that site visitors are willing to share their contact information in exchange for the info. This improves your ROI considerably as we can now email market to these people.
  • We craft no brainer offers that entice a visitor to become a customer for even the smallest dollar figure so as to change the relationship with that person. this technique makes them 20X’s more likely to buy your core offer.
  • We utilize retargeting or remarketing to the people that visit your site and leave without converting to a lead or sale and this increases your ROI greatly.
  • Retargeting or remarketing to people that have done business with you with a profit maximizer offer increases your profit as well as buyer frequency and recency.
  • Analyzing data is critical to success. Anyone can look at Google analytics and say your traffic is good or not good. The leading SEO companies, like ours, gather data from analytics, webmaster tools, your CRM, ecommerce platform (if applicable) and other sources to really find where you are doing well and where site visitors are disconnecting from you and why.
  • Conversion rate optimization is using actual data not hunches to convert more of the visitors that you’re getting to your site to leads or buyers. As one of the leading SEO companies in the nation we use more technical tools than lesser SEO’s to record and track sessions, user experience etc. so that we can make adjustments that help you make more money.
  • The leading SEO companies, like ours, will also use other platforms besides just Google, Yahoo and Bing to bring you new buyers.

The typical SEO company will probably get you found for some decent terms. The leading SEO companies not only get you found for many terms both short tail and long tail but also apply all of the things outlined in this blog post. By applying all of these techniques we will not only help you get found online but drive significant traffic and convert that traffic into revenue at a much better rate than you’ve accomplished previously.

Are you still having trouble deciding whether you should work with one of the leading SEO companies in the country or a cheaper SEO firm?

Call us for a free strategy session. We normally charge $599 for an hour session but we’ll give you an hour free. At the end of that hour if you’re not convinced that we, as one of the leading SEO companies, are right for you, we will thank you for your time and walk away. Does that seem fair to you?

If you are a still a bit concerned about the investment, maybe a scalable arrangement is best for you. Start with a few of our services and work into a more robust program after you see the results our leading SEO company can generate.

We often include some online advertising in the program we design for new clients. Online advertising doesn't have to be expensive. The key to success is to draft very valuable offers and target your market very specifically. Remarket to those that don’t initially convert with quality offers. This is a way to generate revenue more quickly.

Some industries are very well suited for content marketing. In this scenario we create exceptionally helpful articles that answer questions that your potential customers or clients have about your product or service. We present these offers to very well targeted audiences in ways that you might not expect like in their Facebook news feed or Twitter feed as well as on the major search engines.Then we follow them around the Internet with additional offers of quality content that answer more of their questions, peaks their interest and positions you as the subject matter expert that they will trust when they are prepared to purchase.

Leading SEO companies are no longer just a group of kids that can get your website found online. We now employ specialists in each area of search engine optimization and digital marketing. This little niche industry of the 90’s has grown into a major marketing force that can make the difference in your businesses success or failure. Don’t take shortcuts in this area or you will watch your competitors thrive while your business withers away.