How to Use SEO to Grow Your Business

We're all alike.

Growing our businesses 3 fold seems impossible... but it can be done in just one year!

There are ways to use local SEO the right way to reach so many more people online that you can triple your small business in one year.

I know the thought of growing our businesses 3 fold can seem like nailing jello to a tree but keep reading to see how it can actually be accomplished without spending your life’s savings.

By the way... the contractors that use local SEO services to grow their business substantially all have one thing in common... they truly want to grow their businesses and are willing to invest a little to make it happen.

Some want to:

  • Make more money
  • Control the path of their business
  • Find more free time
  • Finally take a vacation
  • Send their kids to a good school

Whatever reason that you have for growing your business… there is a way to do it and it’s easier than you think.

A good local SEO strategy should get your site found for a ton of good keywords and phrases.

Some of the ways you as a business owner can use local SEO to grow your business include:

  • Use a good CMS (content management system, like WordPress)
  • Write really good content that provides true value to the site visitor
  • Make sure your content solves problems for site visitors - it’s about them - not you
  • Have the right marketing message that gets consumers to choose your site over the other 9 on the first page of the search engines
  • Create honest, ethical and earned backlinks that bring traffic and the search engine robots to your website
  • Use schema tags - It let’s Google know that you are a local business and what business you are in - helps get you in local listings
  • Structure your navigation in a manner that shows priority of services
  • Link your social media accounts to your site and vice versa
  • Create calls to action that move site visitors to new customers

There are ways to be sure that the SEO that you are implementing is positioned for success:

Go to and check the url of your site - this will tell you about site errors and load speed - if you don’t get at least “B’s” you’ve got some errors to fix. A fast loading site will rank better and keep visitors longer.

Go to and put in your url to check for html (coding) errors. W3C is the organization that determines the standards for good clean HTML code. If there are too many errors the site design is not SEO compliant and will probably keep your site from being found well.

Check your Webmaster Tools account for errors - Google will leave you a message if you have problems. They will tell you about bad backlinks and other problems, they can even tell you if you’ve been hacked.

Check Google’s index. Go to Google and type in site:your url (ex - this will show you what Google sees. Make sure that your pages are in the index. Check the META titles and descriptions (the part that you see during a search) and make sure they are compelling.

Let us know how you do using SEO to grow your local business.