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Search engine optimization seems like an intangible, how can I measure what you are really doing for me?

Believe it or not you can actually see how a site is optimized if you know how and where to look. There are hundreds of factors that need to be considered when performing true SEO. The technical side of the site - "the code" has to be written in a manner so as not to create roadblocks for the search engine spiders that keep them from understanding and ranking your site well. We call this clean code. Links, both internally as well as externally to and from the site are needed. The content has to be written so that the search engines can fully understand your message while keeping the consumer interested and motivated. There should be a strong marketing message that compels site visitors to become clients. Social Media now plays a part in increasing your value in Google's eyes and ultimately helps increase your rankings. When these things, and the many other factors that are important to SEO, are done correctly, your site will be found in the organic rankings on page one of the search engines for many terms. Your website traffic will increase which can be verified with Google Analytics. Most importantly you will see an increase in business.

Does Social Media have any impact on my rankings on Google?

Absolutely! The world we live in is well connected throughout the Internet and those connections mean more and more to the search engines every day. How others feel about your company and your product or service have an impact on your rankings. The search engines reward you for a strong, positive social media presence so get those Facebook likes and Google+ reviews along with Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections as soon as you can. There are a ton of different Social hubs and the more you participate and succeed with them the better.

It seems like everyone that sells any type of advertising on the Internet calls it search engine optimization. How do I know who to believe?

Optimizing a website seems like voodoo to many business owners. To make matters worse there is no degree in SEO so as a consumer of SEO you really don’t know who to trust. To be sure that you are dealing with a real and reputable SEO firm ask to see results from some of their clients. Be sure that the results include organic rankings on page one of the major search engines for more than 5 or 6 terms. It’s extremely easy to buy an ad campaign and show up on page one of Google but that’s not search engine optimization. Be sure that the company representing themselves as an optimization firm understands the value of social media and how to use it to help you get ranked. Look at their site and their social media presence – are they ranking? Do they have significant likes? Do a little homework and save yourself a ton of grief.

Does getting organic rankings really translate to getting new business?

It does if you do it correctly. By correctly I mean that getting to page one for the proper terms gives you a shot at earning a significant amount of new business but there is more to the equation. You must also have the proper marketing message to get potential customers to visit your site. Then be sure that the prospective client see’s what he or she wants when they reach your site or they will likely hit the back button and be gone in an instant. They shouldn’t have to search through your site to find “exactly” what they were searching. If they were searching for a green widget they better enter your site on the green widget page. Marketing means so much when it comes to success on the Internet. So to turn rankings into business; you must be on page one with a compelling marketing message then the potential client must reach the most relevant page in your site to his search. Next, you must have compelling content with a strong call to action to turn rankings into business.

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