Digital Marketing for Dentists – Should it be a Priority?

Why should digital marketing be a top priority for dentists? Today’s dental market is so highly competitive that you’ve got to find ways to reach patients before other dentists reach them, connect with them, and show them you’re the right doctor for them. There’s a dental office on practically every corner, and you’re all fighting to increase your patient load. A great digital marketing campaign can be what helps you get the upper hand.

You have a LOT to focus on already. Keeping patient care at the highest possible level is probably at the top of that list. But at the end of the day, every dentist is looking to have as many appointments and patients as possible. How does a modern dental practice in the 2020s attract enough new patients between everything else going on?

You may still have your outbound marketing campaigns going from years past: postcards, billboards, radio ads, or TV spots. But in today’s day and age? You can get inbound marketing leads around the clock with digital marketing. Your message, right where the patient wants to see it when they need it. Forget about hit or miss factors like location and timing. Your marketing message will be in the palm of their hands whenever they need you!

Through search engine optimization (SEO), your practice can get found in the organic section of Google for a number of keyword searches. Additional traffic can be gained through pay-per-click ads, or PPC. We can also locate and target your ideal customers through email marketing and text marketing campaigns and bring them to you that way, as well.

With digital marketing, you get real-time results, which means you can make real-time changes. It doesn’t take intense focus groups or studies to determine which ad copy or imaging to use. With A/B testing, we can run two ads or set up two landing pages, each with a different version of your messaging or imagery, and see which one gets more results.

There is no more waiting months for the initial campaign to end before redesigning a new one, printing it, and launching version two. If an ad isn’t performing as well as it should, it gets tweaked fast or replaced with a better-performing one.

Are Marketing Funnels Effective for Dentists?

Marketing funnels can be put in place to push and pull site visitors through the necessary steps to becoming a patient. Recurring ads, email marketing, text campaigns, and more can be implemented that turn visitors into patients. While there is a percentage of people who will reach out to you for help after their first visit to your site, others will need multiple “touches” – seeing your ads or posts an average of 9 times before contacting you. These marketing funnels ensure those identities don’t get lost, and those additional touches take place, leading them back to you.

Digital marketing is about building your online presence so that you are everywhere a potential patient might be looking. Search engines, maps, social media, email, surfing the web, or texting are all targets of ours. You have enough on your plate, running your dental practice. Let our team of digital marketing professionals craft and run a campaign that gets you real results.

We offer complete digital marketing services that do everything from creating the lead to scheduling the patient and sending reminders for them to show up – all you’ll have to do is their exam. In the nearly 15 years we’ve been in business, we’ve worked with hundreds of practices to increase their patient load and would love to help you grow yours, too.