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SEO for tree service is not unlike planting a seed and watching it grow. It is a deliberate and steady process; it yields amazing results when done right and cared for. In today's marketplace, local search engine optimization is the best way to become highly visible to your potential clients.

Chances are, people who need their lawn cut or emergency tree removal will look for those services online. Statistically, 94 percent will check out the first few names that appear at the top of search engine results - "page one of Google". Will one of those names be yours?

SEO for Landscaping and Tree Services

It will be if you choose our SEO for landscaping and tree services.

How to Get on Page One of Google for your Landscaping and Tree Services

Top spots in organic search results are earned, not bought. It's all about understanding how people search and what the major search engines want to see on your site. Those elements are:

  • Content that is well-written, original and specific
  • 100% compliance with the search engine's technical "checklist" and updates
  • High quality links to your various pages

High Value Marketing
SEO for landscaping and tree services is a very cost effective and measurable way to get in front of people in your geographical area. The organic results possible with local search engine optimization trump those of paid ads very quickly. You will be found not a few times but 24/7, in highly visible places.

Your website can be automatically adapted for smart devices with small screens, a process known as responsive web design. That's mighty helpful if a big tree takes down a power line.

We have been providing contractor SEO service for landscaping and tree services for years. And we know that no matter how good your business is, you must be in a top position to reach people. Consider this:

By the Numbers
More than 90 percent of people search online to find a service or product. And, depending on the study you read, about the same number put their trust in a site that pops up naturally. Another 6 percent rely on the paid ads that are typically pay-per-click, or PPC marketing. With our SEO for landscaping, all of your bases are covered.

Becoming Highly Visible
Your optimized web site tells people what they need to know about your business and why they should choose you over your competitors. It also satisfies the technical requirements that are valued by search engine robots that troll the Web 24/7 looking for high quality information.

Technical Elements
Never underestimate the technical aspect of optimization. Explaining how it all works is a long and involved process. Suffice it to say here that any roadblocks in the flow of information on your pages, the more you will harm your rankings. We won't let that happen.

The Human Factor
We spend time getting to know your unique operation and your industry. Our approach is never cookie-cutter. Through 20 cumulative years of experience, our team has mastered the process of selecting keywords and keyword phrases people use to find businesses within their geographical area.

Tree care - Do you do emergency storm damage cleanup? Are you an expert at grinding stumps, or know how to make fruit trees incredibly productive? Perhaps you have a licensed arborist on staff that you'd like to promote. Our keyword selection and placement highlight the qualities that make people choose you.

Landscapers - Creating a beautifully green lawn, xeriscaping, high-end hardscapes - whatever your scope of service, you want the highest visibility possible. Relevant keyword selection makes that possible, giving you results that are earned and not purchased.

The Cost of SEO Service for Landscaping, Tree Service

If you have been relying on purchased leads, you know that each one can cost you $15 to $25, with no guarantee that anyone will call. And when leads are put out to multiple competitors, the result is often a bidding war that undercuts profit margins. With SEO for landscaping and tree services, competition is lower and margins will much likely be higher. Plus, organic search results often break down to approximately $2 per lead.

Get found high in the natural rankings!
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A Promise
We back our local SEO for landscaping and tree service with a guarantee: You will be found for 20 relevant keywords and keyword phrases on page one of search engines within 90 days. If we don't do that, you can keep the new website - and get half your money back.

Tree Service SEOWe can make this promise because we stand to lose money if we don't produce the results you want. Our team has a vested interest in making your SEO for landscaping and tree services as successful as our current clients'.

What Are You Waiting For?
Your services are unique, whether it's tree surgery, land clearing or lawn care. Our SEO for tree service distinguishes you from the pack. We will get you found on the coveted page one of search engine results. You will see more traffic to your website, guaranteed. Give us a call and watch your business grow.

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