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SEO for roofers is different than search engine optimization for other industries. First, the SEO company that you work with has to know enough about the roofing business to know the things that make real profit for you and why they make you money. Anybody can find roofing keywords But they need to know things like getting you leads for roof repair jobs will result in more roof replacement jobs than any other lead that you get.

SEO for RoofersWe’ve learned this by performing SEO for roofers nationwide...we believe that we have more roofing clients than any other SEO company in the US. We know that most people that need new roofing call you thinking they simply have a leak and don’t know, or don't want to confront that, they need a new roof. If your SEO campaign doesn't have your website found for roof repair, you miss the chance to sell that job. Think about how many new roofs you sold last year to people that thought they just needed a leak repaired! (Some roofers don’t want repair jobs so we respect that and get them strictly replacement leads.)

We know that you’re going to average about 30% profit on a typical job and we know how to help you get the types of jobs you want so that you increase revenue. We can also help you stop taking the jobs you don't want. Every roofer takes jobs he doesn’t want sometimes just to get a little cash flow, but you don’t have to do that when your website does what it’s supposed to do.

Many roofers will travel a long distance to do a job because they don’t get enough jobs closer to the shop. If you could keep your crews busy without traveling huge distances, you would be more profitable. Getting you an abundance of jobs in the right geographic are is all part of the SEO process.

How, does this make a roofer more profitable, you ask?

  1. Your guys will be on more jobs because they’ll spend less time traveling.
  2. You’ll have lower travel expense.
  3. Time is money so we want to keep your crews on roofs not in the truck traveling around because the further they are from the shop the more things they find to do other than work .

How Can a Roofer Tell if His SEO Campaign is Working Well

Google a few terms in your town and see if you’re found.

  • Roofers
  • Roofing companies
  • Roof repair
  • Roof leak repair
  • Roof replacement

If you’re not found for most of these terms, and many more, high on page one of the search engine rankings, you’re missing jobs - your competitors are getting them and you need a new SEO company. Pick one, like us, that is strictly a contractor SEO service.

Roofer Going Over SEO ResultsYour Internet marketing and SEO expert should not only get you found for great terms, but also share ideas of how to get people to call you instead of your competition. We’ll show you how to use things like coupons on your site to entice homeowners and businesses to call you. Using coupons doesn’t have to lower your profit in a job.

Has anyone that has done SEO for your website understood the roofing business so well that they called you with a fresh idea about how to increase your profit? They should. We do for our roofing clients.

Your time should be spent on growing your business and increasing your profit not on trying to figure out search engine optimization and how to generate leads. Roofers hire us to generate leads for them so they can concentrate on the roofing business.

Call us and let’s talk about how to get your website to start pulling its weight.

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