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Painter SEO

Painting keywords aren't the only thing to think about when a good painter SEO strategy is formulated. Think about the flow of your website. Does it lead visitors through your website in a comfortable way? Does it build trust and entice them to reach out to you? SEO should always consider the user experience. Sure, the technical structure has to be right so the search engines can get to your content. You obviously need backlinks but never neglect the user. A good website design considers the user experience, lowers your bounce rate, increases your conversions and Google likes it too.

Keywords are important as are key phrases. The days of adding keywords to your code are gone. The search engines now extract your keywords from your content. So if your content is written to answer the questions that your potential new customers have, you'll find the good painting keywords are naturally there.

Have you been relying on flyers, and signs to generate new leads? These can work but they don't always reach people when they actually need a house painter or their office painted. SEO for painting contractors is different. It's targeted, affordable and gets you in front of people when they're actually looking for a painting contractor.

Think about how this works. A home owner or business owner decides he or she needs a house painter or commercial painter and searches Google for a "painter near me". The painting contractors websites that are found well in the search results are the ones that get the most leads.

Painter seo

Get more leads from local people who need your painting service. Get more traffic, and convert these visitors to leads and ultimately sales. We get your phone to ring.

How SEO for Painting Contractors Works

Search engine optimization is ultimately about people finding your painting services. It's faster and more targeted than other types of marketing.

Here's how we make sure that your SEO campaign and Internet marketing are going to work.

First, we get to know your individual business. Then we audit your website to see what is working and what needs to be adjusted to get you found well in the search results. This website SEO audit shows us exactly what needs to be changed in your site to get you ranked well.

We also take the time to research your market, we compare your website to the three most well ranked painting contractors in your market. We use the data about your competitors to build the right SEO strategy to beat them to the best painting keywords and phrases.

We create a well-written and designed website, and then build quality links to it from credible places. And we never use link farms or other black hat techniques; Google torpedoes efforts like that.

A Range of Services
Just as prep work is vital to a good house painter, local SEO for contractors requires prep work too. A good painter SEO strategy should include other aspects of Internet marketing. Our team members are not only certified in SEO but also digital marketing so we can help you in every detail of your Internet marketing program.

If only 6% of Internet searchers visit sites from the paid ads, why are you there and not where the 94% are looking? We can help you grow your business.
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Painting Contractor Search Optimization

Here are the facts: 94 percent of people prefer to do business with the company names that appear at the top of organic search results. These are not paid positions; they are earned by quality SEO for painting contractors. Google and other major search engines reward good content, backlinks and technical compliance with search engine requirements. It's that simple.

There are many website optimization companies out there. We have over 30 years of combined experience on our team, and have worked with painters of all kinds: from small house painters to commercial painting contractors and even industrial painting and restoration services.

You're on our website so you obviously have some interest in improving your position in the search rankings and generating more business from those organic rankings. Call us and talk with one of the SEO team members. We don't have salespeople so you'll be talking with someone that performs SEO for contractors for a living. Let us help you grow your business.

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