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Roofing SEO – How Roofing Companies Get More Business From the Internet

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Just about all roofing contractors say the same thing...UNTIL...They figure out the secret to getting more business from their website.

It happens. Good companies get bad mouthed online. Sometimes it’s a legitimate complaint and sometimes it’s simply an unfounded attack, so what should you do if you receive a bad review?

There are two paths that I’ll address in this post. The first one...

Have you noticed that some contractors seem to always be in the organic rankings, no matter what term or phrase you search? One thing we hear often is that contractor’s experience frustration when their competitors appear ahead of them...

SEO can work wonders for companies that are using it correctly and have appropriate expectations. It can also be a huge failure and a major loss for those that use it improperly, or expect a magic cure-all. Good, solid SEO work is ongoing, and requires effort. It isn’t a stick-it-in-place-once-and-leave-it-alone-while-it-performs-miracles. […]

Using online marketing used to be as easy as buying a few ads and getting yourself found in the organic results for a handful of terms.

What happened that killed those techniques?

The best online marketing strategy for contractors is changing all the time. No longer is it adequate to have a website, write a little content and throw a few keywords in the mix. The game is tougher than ever. Whether you're a new business, a small business, or you’ve just […]

The Quickest & Easiest Way to Become Relevant on Social Media You’ve been lied to… “All you need to do is post on social media!” Online, we see many marketers and businesses of all sizes raving about using social media for marketing. Social media is an ever expanding world, and […]

Growing your business 3 fold seems impossible. There are ways to use SEO to reach enough people online that you can triple your small business in a year.

We’re all alike. We’re really good at some things and not others. I’m going to show how to be much better at making money from your website. Here are the top 5 things that business owners accidentally do that hurts the success of their website…including the silent killer that haunts most sites.

All business owners want to know this answer. There are 3 things that are killing your sites rankings that you can fix fast. Let’s start with the quick answer to why your website isn’t ranking and then move onto some detail as well as offer solutions to these 3 problems.

How to Maximize ROI From Your Online Marketing Welcome to the third and final part in our “building an unbeatable online presence” series… Let's focus on maximizing your return on investments (what every business owner truly cares about at the end of the day) from your online marketing campaigns. We'll […]

How to Get Rooted in the Organic SectionNow that we’ve addressed the titles and descriptions of your site, let’s take a look at your content. Getting your site found in the organic rankings also (largely) depends on your content, and there are guidelines that will make your content more appealing […]

How to Stay Ahead of the CompetitionLet’s start building your unbeatable online presence with getting found in the organic section of the search engines (and, yes, you really can do your own search engine optimization!), because studies show that 94% of Internet searchers choose sites from this section to visit. […]

You’ve heard about the local SEO company that helps contractors get found on page one of Google. “Everybody” seems to be doing it. Many more are popping up all the time. How do you know if a local SEO company is the right choice for you? If you feel you […]

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