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Why Isn’t My Website Ranking?

Category Archives: Backlinks

All business owners want to know this answer. There are 3 things that are killing your sites rankings that you can fix fast. Let’s start with the quick answer to why your website isn’t ranking and then move onto some detail as well as offer solutions to these 3 problems.

If you are a growing small to medium-sized local business, you know that inbound links to your website make for good local SEO; they are important to getting high Google rankings. Search engines reward links from what it calls “authoritative” sites to your pages. But too many links is considered […]

We've heard it over and over, that link building is "dead" or severely disabled. But we like to think it merely underwent a serious change in 2013. What got you traffic in recent years isn't working any more. Google algorithms got savvier at separating links it considers high-quality from those […]

Senior Product Manager, Duane Forrester over at Bing, posted a blog thread talking about four ways you do not want to build backlinks to your website. Ways not to build backlinks by Bing include...

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