How can you make your content more appealing to site visitors and also please the search engines?

This is a hot topic right now. We hear about content marketing, and about sharing your content, etc. But what interest will people have in your content if it’s bad? And, how do you know if it’s good content or ... Read More

How Many Links Per Page?

If you are a growing small to medium-sized local business, you know that inbound links to your website make for good local SEO; they are important to getting high Google rankings. Search engines reward links from what it calls “authoritative” ... Read More

Do You Really Need a SEO Company?

You’ve heard about the local SEO company that helps contractors get found on page one of Google. “Everybody” seems to be doing it. Many more are popping up all the time. How do you know if a local SEO company ... Read More

Building Blocks to a Great Small Business Website

What makes a great small business SEO website? It’s an easy thing to over think. If you cram too much information into it, making it too “busy” or too link-rich, you will simply turn people off. When people are on the ... Read More

How Much Impact Does Content Have on SEO?

This is a question that has been hanging over SEO for years. For ages, we have been hearing that content is king; it is, however, great content can appear nearly non-existent to the search engines if the structure of the ... Read More

Mobile Design and Marketing – Are You Missing Out?

Mobile phones and other hand-held smart devices are getting a larger and larger share of search. In fact, a recent survey by Google shows 74 percent of mobile owners use some online search feature. Forrester Research estimates paid search on ... Read More

Local SEO and the Myth of Magical Keywords

Proper keyword selection is perhaps the most important part of good local SEO. But many people see it as a magical process analogous to The Wizard of Oz: Google is the Great and Powerful one, a mysterious and impenetrable mastermind; ...

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Do More Pages Mean Better SEO Ranking

It's hard to nail down the magic number of pages for a site to be effective. Google's Matt Cutts has said that a large number of pages doesn't always affect your SEO ranking. But he's also said that the more ... Read More

Duplicated Content And the Impact on Search Engine Rankings

There's much confusion over duplicate content on the internet - what it is and what it is not, as well as how it can affect your local SEO efforts. Because Google has not published any hard and fast rules,  it's ... Read More

Top 5 Link Building Secrets

We've heard it over and over, that link building is "dead" or severely disabled. But we like to think it merely underwent a serious change in 2013. What got you traffic in recent years isn't working any more. Google algorithms ... Read More