Become Relevant on Social Media

The Quickest & Easiest Way to Become Relevant on Social Media You’ve been lied to… “All you need to do is post on social media!” Online, we see many marketers and businesses of all sizes raving about using social media for marketing. Social media ... Read More

Can Content Actually Hurt Your Website?

We've all heard that “content is king” and "You can’t have too much content on your website." But, is there a time when content is damaging to your site and its organic rankings?

Yes! Content that is “dead” can be damaging ...

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Content Marketing – How to Market Your Content to Get More Sales

Content marketing is a hot topic. We’re getting tons of questions from our clients asking what it is and whether or not it can help them make more money. So, here’s a quick rundown on what content marketing is and ...

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How to Use SEO to Grow Your Business

Growing your business 3 fold seems impossible. There are ways to use SEO to reach enough people online that you can triple your small business in a year.

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How Can I Check out the Local SEO Services Before Hiring One?

Are you afraid of getting burned? You’re not alone. Nearly every business owner I have ever spoken with about SEO tells me he/she has been burned 4 times.

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5 Mistakes That Contractors Make With Online Marketing and SEO

We’re all alike. We’re really good at some things and not others. I’m going to show how to be much better at making money from your website. Here are the top 5 things that business owners accidentally do that hurts ...

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Why Isn’t My Website Ranking?

All business owners want to know this answer. There are 3 things that are killing your sites rankings that you can fix fast. Let’s start with the quick answer to why your website isn’t ranking and then move onto some ...

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Building an Unbeatable Online Presence – Part III

How to Maximize ROI From Your Online Marketing Welcome to the third and final part in our “building an unbeatable online presence” series… Let's focus on maximizing your return on investments (what every business owner truly cares about at the end ... Read More

Building an Unbeatable Online Presence – Part II

How to Get Rooted in the Organic SectionNow that we’ve addressed the titles and descriptions of your site, let’s take a look at your content. Getting your site found in the organic rankings also (largely) depends on your content, and ... Read More

Building an Unbeatable Online Presence – Part I

How to Stay Ahead of the Competition Let’s start building your unbeatable online presence with getting found in the organic section of the search engines (and, yes, you really can do your own search engine optimization!), because studies show that 94% ... Read More