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What Should You Do If Your Company Receives a Bad Review Online?

It happens. Good companies get bad mouthed online. Sometimes it’s a legitimate complaint and sometimes it’s simply an unfounded attack, so what should you do if you receive a bad review?

There are two paths that I’ll address in this post. The first one...

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Contractor SEO Services

Have you noticed that some contractors seem to always be in the organic rankings, no matter what term or phrase you search? One thing we hear often is that contractor’s experience frustration when their competitors appear ahead of them...

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Using Advanced Online Marketing Techniques to Increase Revenue

Using online marketing used to be as easy as buying a few ads and getting yourself found in the organic results for a handful of terms.

What happened that killed those techniques?

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How can a lawyer become an effective online marketer?

How can a lawyer become an effective online marketer? You’re working 65 hours a week. You’re short staffed. You want to grow your firm. You want to get more cases from the Internet but can’t find the time to learn or implement online marketing. You’ve hired 3 SEO’s over the years to get you more cases from the Internet but all of them sucked.

How close am I to hitting the nail on the head?

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What you can do if your firm’s SEO strategy isn’t working

A law firm’s SEO strategy can make the difference in securing a large caseload and wondering where the next case is coming from.

The high level of competition has made it harder than ever to do well online - But it ...

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