American SEO for Contractors

We're proud to say that we are an American SEO company from top to bottom and through and through. We love
working with contractors
because we often share the pride in being American. When your search engine optimization is “made in America”. It will mean the difference between the success of your optimized website, or you joining the heap of failures that result from inferior, outsourced foreign SEO.

The old American adage, “you get what you pay for” is completely accurate with regard to the success and failure of search engine optimization. Here are five hard facts:

Fact: you can find SEO companies that undercut pricing by jobbing out the creation of your website to India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, among other third-world countries. They are often poorly trained and English is usually their SECOND language.

Fact: many of these companies are located in these countries. If you are not happy with their product, or if it doesn’t work (as is most often the case), you have no recourse. They take your money and disappear.

Fact: the outsourced workers who are building your links, creating your site, and writing your content have no accountability to you.

Fact: These foreign SEO companies and foreign SEO workers have NO KNOWLEDGE of American business practices. How can they facilitate building your business when they don’t know how business works in the USA? They cannot be sensitive to American business customs or courtesies.

Fact: the language barrier can be enormous. Even if they speak English, they can be difficult to understand. Have you ever dealt with a customer service person at a call center in South Asia? Imagine that it is not a printer on the fritz but your entire website optimization isn’t performing and you need answers!

Our American SEO Team

Our SEO team, frequently points out how important knowledge of geography, and of “local” communities is to successful search engine optimization. An American SEO company understands that your business in Joliet is actually serving the south and west suburbs of Chicago. They can write that into the copy. They can utilize that on graphics for your site. You don’t have to ask. They get it.American SEO Services

We are proud of the fact that outsourcing SEO doesn’t work. Does that sound odd? Proud? We are proud to be contributing to the American economy. Our company creates jobs in the USA, and even in a difficult economy we have doubled the number of people available to work on your search engine optimization in the past year alone!

Yes, this is a clear sign that our service works, building traffic to websites and helping our clients increase their business. It is clear evidence that we are helping American businesses, large and small, from coast-to-coast, survive and thrive in a down economic cycle.

It is also a clear sign of our commitment to do everything involved in optimizing your site in the USA! We do it because it is the only way to provide superior service. We do it because it is our responsibility to our clients to be accountable for our work, and to be here to stand behind our work.

And – we are American taxpayers. We keep our profits here in the USA, and plow them back into growing our corner of the economy. Some of the members of our management team are veterans. They have fought to protect our way of doing business – of working hard and seeing the reward.

When you do business with My SEO Guys, you get 100% American SEO. It is good for your business. And it is good for America.