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Local SEO for Contractors
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For the past 14 years, our SEO company has helped nearly 1,000 contractors across the nation increase profits by generating quality leads that resulting in more jobs. Whether you’re a one-person organization or a multi-state contractor with hundreds of employees, we can increase your lead flow. In most cases, we can even significantly decrease your cost to acquire a new client.

You probably know all too well that the contractors who have the most visibility online are the ones that get the majority of the leads, and with leads come a steady flow of new jobs. You need to be one of the very first names potential customers see when they Google services like yours.

Call us today at (813) 333-9666 to see how our certified SEO Specialists and Digital Marketing Professionals can help you increase your revenue and profit, and at the same time, reduce your marketing expenses.

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Local SEO for Contractors

Local SEO for contractors is a matter of preparing your website's technical structure correctly, creating content that provides a great user and robot experience, and building backlinks. By implementing the 56 vital steps that we've identified to successful on-page optimization and building valuable links we raise your SEO score, get you ranked well and bring new visitors to your site. We then convert those visitors into revenue. The higher your SEO score, the better your website will rank. If you'd like to know your SEO score, just ask us, we'd be happy to run it for you.

If you want to generate more qualified leads at an affordable cost, call us today. We’ll show how to improve your website and increase your SEO score so you can get better search engine placement that will help turn your site into a lead generating machine.

Here at My SEO Guys, we are certified in search engine optimization and also hold Internet marketing's most respected certification - CDMP (Certified Digital Marketing Professionals). As CDMPs we have learned all the latest Internet marketing techniques that help contractors increase their bottom line. We believe that education, knowledge, experience, and a great plan are the keys to search engine optimization success. Our local contractor SEO program focuses on implementing the very best marketing and SEO techniques for each contractor’s exact situation.

Local SEO for Contractors - What You Need to Know

local contractor SEO techniquesFirst, local SEO for contractors, or any other business, only works if it’s done right. It takes skill and dedication to help
local contractors succeed online
. A well-optimized site may rank well today but not long term without constant work. SEO techniques that were perfect two years ago are out of date and many times useless today.

Second, digital marketing is a huge part of the success of any SEO program. If the team that does your search engine optimization doesn’t know how to create an effective Internet marketing strategy, you won’t succeed. Your site must turn site visitors into leads and ultimately into revenue - and marketing is the way to make this happen. We employ SEO specialists, CDMPs, professional writers, and SEO website design developers to be sure the contractors that we perform local SEO for succeed in a big way.

Third, local SEO is similar for many industries, but it takes specialists in your field to become dominant online. We only perform local SEO for contractors. We know your business, your challenges, and how to generate a very strong
lead flow
for you. Our team wasn’t helping a doctor last week and a car dealer the week before.

We work with:

We provide local SEO for contractors in every industry. We have helped hundreds of local contractors across the nation get great search engine placement on Google and the other search engines. More importantly, we have helped them convert the new traffic that they get to new business. So far, we’ve helped over 975 contractors reach their goals. No matter what your business goals are, our contractor SEO services can help you achieve them.

How SEO Helps Local Contractors Generate Leads

local seo for contractorsThe number one reason that most contractors want a website is for lead generation. The success of local SEO for contractors depends on a combination of building a website that provides Google with what it needs and the user with what he or she wants. A website cannot be built strictly to attract Google, or it will not be effective at turning site visitors into qualified leads. Local SEO techniques done well will get you found on page one of the SERPs (search engine ranking pages), drive quality traffic to your site, and turn that traffic into qualified leads.

The first thing an Internet searcher learns about your business is not what you are presenting on your website. The first thing they see is the blurb that appears in the SERPs. If this blurb isn’t compelling and on target you lose. This is the first place that Internet marketing plays a significant role in the success of any local contractor SEO campaign.

The marketing strategy that we develop carries through from the blurbs in the SERPs to the pages of the site and lead development. It goes further to any email marketing we may do for contractors to entice past visitors that have not yet become leads back to your website.

If your local SEO campaign doesn't generate enough new leads to hep you reach your goals, give us a call. Let's talk about how we can develop the right Internet marketing and local SEO strategy to get you on the track to generating cost effective local leads from your website.

The Benefits of a Good Local SEO Strategy

local contractor SEO Increases Revenue and Lowers Costs The number one benefit of a local SEO for contractors is increased profit. This profit comes from the contractors website being found well in the SERPs and well marketed to entice Internet searchers to select your site as the one to visit. This increased traffic is very good but it's just the first step. Once we have new visitors on your website we must convert those visitors to leads so that you can sell them your service. So, once they are on your site, the marketing plan moves them through the site the way we intend for them to go so that they ultimately fill out a lead form or call you. The success of any local contractor SEO campaign depends on a well optimized and marketed website that builds trust within the visitor that you are the best contractor for them to hire. When you select us as your local SEO service they will have a very positive opinion of you before you have even met them.

We have become one of the top producing local contractor SEO companies in the nation. As a result of our work, many of these contractors have said they would never want to be without us. They love the amount of business we generate for them. And, correspondingly, our number one source of new business is the steady stream of referrals that come from those contractors.

A Good SEO Program Turns Good Rankings into Great Profit

For years getting found in the organic rankings on page one was a pretty sure-fire way to generate a lot of new visitors and business. As they always do, things have changed. Now it takes strong marketing language to be the site selected from the organic rankings. Our contractor SEO specialists will create your website with marketing messages, a funnel, and a strategy to convert visitors to leads.

local SEO Campaigns for Contractors What is a funnel? A customer optimization funnel moves people through the steps of the customer journey. What is the customer journey? There are 3 stages to the customer journey and consequently your funnel.

  • Stage one – Awareness. This is where people become aware of you and your service. This stage is where we drive "cold traffic" to your site. Cold traffic is people that don’t know you yet. We do this by getting you solid organic rankings by using strong SEO techniques, Google local listings, and/or paid ads on social media as well as Google.
  • Stage two – Evaluation. This is where people evaluate you as the solution to their problem. We do this with well written content. Blog posts, videos and more.
  • Stage three - Conversion. At this stage we entice the site visitor to convert to a lead. Conversions are different for different contractors.

As you can see, local SEO for contractors demands a strategy and a well-educated Internet marketer to be successful.

Why Our Local SEO For Contractors Agency is Different Than Others

At My SEO Guys, we understand that the success of a contractors website is paramount to the success of his business. We treat your business with the same respect we treat our own. We don't rest until your website achieves great search engine placement and produces a steady stream of increased traffic - and revenue.

SEO for ContractorsWe're not the typical Internet marketing agency of 20-somethings learning the latest SEO techniques on your dime. We're a mature group with decades of experience in both Internet marketing and local SEO for contractors. Our team will do an in-depth audit of your site prior to making any changes. We know that there are some things that have probably been done right regarding your search engine optimization and marketing and we want to know how they will fit into your new SEO strategy. While our experience tells us that if your site doesn't have good search engine placement, some things need tweaking. We aren’t so bold as to think we know what you need without studying your current site, search engine optimization and Internet marketing plan.

We understand there are many local SEO companies for you to choose from - we appreciate you considering our services. Our promise to you is that we will fairly and honestly tell you whether or not we can help you, and if we can't help you, we'll tell you and try to point you in the right direction. We'll share with you the things that you can do to strengthen your SEO program, and we'll advise you against the things that may damage your rankings.

Call our contractor SEO agency today and talk with one of our specialists about your business and your plans and let’s see if our Contractor SEO strategy is a good fit for you.

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